Mindmap Learning Programme (MLP) 2020

HARD WORK is important, but knowing where to put hard work is called SMART WORK which makes all the difference.

What is MLP?

Mindmap Learning Programme (MLP) is the flagship initiative of IAS EXPRESS to make learning easier and fun for Civil Service aspirants.

In this programme, you will get an integrated and interactive learning experience with our unique mindmaps that covers all the needs of prelims, mains and even interview.

Unlike other websites & institutes, we focus not only on providing contents/facts alone but also providing you with

  • Better Understanding
  • Better Memory
  • Quick Revision

You can access all mindmaps and its samples here

You can enroll in our MLP programme by purchasing any one of the membership plans at the bottom of this page.

What benefits will I get?

You can access all features of IAS EXPRESS –

IE Mindmaps are the mindmap notes that covers current Affairs and the static syllabus of all the subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Culture, Economy, Environment, Ethics & International relations. Mindmaps are made through the reference from both standard and advanced books and internet for additional analysis. Read the article – How to remember everything you learn? to get an idea about Mind Maps and other memory techniques.

Note: IE Mindmaps are not only useful for UPSC exam but also for other competitive exams (general studies) such as State PSC, RBI Grade B, Bank PO, SSC CGL, NABARD, NDA, TET, etc.

ias express mindmaps

How it will benefit you?

  • Big picture – You can take in the bigger picture quickly and easily at a glance with a mindmap.
  • Better recollection – The visual nature of mindmaps allows for easier recall.
  • Simplification – Mindmaps allow for the simplification of complex relationships between topics.
  • Structured – Just like each and every object in the world has a structure, a topic that you are reading also has a structure. But the traditional paragraph based reading cannot show you the structure unique to each topic.
  • Quick revision – Every point is organized and linked in a way that enables quick revision.
  • Creativity – Your creativity will get boosted as you can get big-picture easily with mind maps.
  • Interactive – IE Mindmaps are interactive i.e., you can collapse, expand, navigate around and search for a particular topic inside the mindmap. This provides for the active learning process and you never get bored. It is not possible in image or PDF mindmaps. You can read it with any device (Mobile/Tablet/PC). No software is needed.
  • Lecture + Self-study As mindmaps are interactive and each node is opened by clicking them = it seems like someone actually teaching you (= more focus) & you will also get the same efficiency as that of self-study in terms of learning/retention.
  • Updated – Unlike pdf/image mind maps, IE Mind maps will be periodically updated by us according to the changing needs of the exam.
  • Question paper-based – Contents in the mind maps were prepared based on solving previous years question papers (both prelims and mains) = high chance of success in the examination.
  • Crack GS (Prelims & Mains) – General Studies section of the exam could be easily cleared with IE Mindmaps. Around 85-90% of UPSC Prelims Paper 1 static questions could be solved with IE Mindmaps.

  • IE Articles are like NCERTs of key current affairs issues.
  • It will give you a strong foundation of important current affairs topics through big-picture analysis.
  • They are prepared by analyzing at least 3-4 years of news from major news sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, Yojana, etc. It is because UPSC no longer asks questions from last one-year news only (see 2018 & 2019 paper) + it requires candidates to have in-depth knowledge of important issues. So IE article is an initiative to satisfy this demand of UPSC.
  • Relevant links to static syllabus mindmaps are also provided for integrated learning.
  • Whenever there is an update to a particular issue, we don’t write an entirely new article with different words. Instead, we re-publish the existing ones with additional notes so that it would be easier for you to understand and revise those issues better.
  • Sometimes we may miss covering some important issue/topic, in that case, you can suggest that topic by clicking the contact button on the bottom-right of any page. We’ll post an article on that issue within a week.
  • IE Articles will be useful to solve analytical/in-depth questions in Prelims (see 2019 question paper). Note- Please read daily newspapers and take notes on topics that are not covered by IE articles to cover all topics for prelims.
  • It will be useful to solve almost all questions in Mains (Essay and General Studies).
  • It will serve as a model for writing excellent answers in mains (essay & GS).
  • Articles are written in a notes based format with question-answer based arrangement = you can easily recall concepts in the exam/interview.
  • Mindmaps are provided for easy understanding and faster revision before the exam.
  • So regular reading and revising IE articles would be a game-changer in your UPSC preparation journey.
  • Please note that we post only about 4-5 articles on most-probable topics per week but with more quality and in-depth analysis which is very much needed for the UPSC exam.
  • One more thing, don’t restrict yourself to reading only articles from June this year – June next year. Because each and every article is important for the exam. Also, we provide mindmaps for a quick overview if you face time constraints. So you need to read all articles from August 2018 (IE Started) itself.

Around 90% of UPSC Prelims Paper 1 questions could be solved with IE Mindmaps.

Around 80-85% of UPSC Mains GS Questions could be solved with IE Mindmaps.

  • Simple language
  • Mindmaps for faster revision
  • Text-to-speech in articles – Click4Sample

How to Join?

Step 1: Scroll down this page >> choose the plan of your choice >> click “Buy Now”. Then you’ll be taken to the checkout page.

Step 2: At the checkout page, you will need to create an account with your username and password. You can also register through Google or Facebook account.

Step 3: Click “Proceed to Pay”. On successful payment, your membership will be activated immediately and automatically (no manual approval needed).

Step 4: You can then sign-in to your account by clicking “My Account” in the Menu and then you can access all the contents. You can see your membership details, membership expiration date, etc. by clicking “Membership” in the “My Account”.

The renewal/upgradation procedure is also the same.

You can renew/upgrade the plan at discounted prices. But you need to renew/upgrade before membership expiry. Otherwise, the discount won’t work.

The discount works only for renewal/upgrade. Not downgrade.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right. We reply fast.

Features of Membership Plans


1-month access to

  1. Static syllabus Mindmaps (Online)
  2. Current affairs Articles with mindmaps (Online)


3 months of access to

  1. Static syllabus Mindmaps (Online)
  2. Current affairs Articles with mindmaps (Online)


6 months of access to

  1. Static syllabus Mindmaps (Online)
  2. Current affairs Articles with mindmaps (Online)
  3. PDF Magazines of Current Articles for offline reading. You can access and download both past and coming months magazines for 6 months.


12 months of access to

  1. Static syllabus Mindmaps (Online)
  2. Current affairs Articles with mindmaps (Online)
  3. PDF Magazines of Current Articles for offline reading. You can access and download both past and coming months magazines for 12 months.

Platinum Plus:

  1. Platinum Plus Plan = Platinum Membership (all features) + All static GS mindmaps (offline/downloadable).
  2. Offline mindmaps are in HTML format and open just like the online ones. But you don’t need the internet or software to open them.
  3. With Platinum Plus, you can download all the static GS mindmaps & its updates + access other features (current affairs articles & magazines) for 12 months.
  4. If you want to download new mindmaps or updates of existing mindmaps after 12 months, you can renew the platinum plus at a discounted price. Also, you can access other features of platinum such as current affairs mindmaps (prelims & mains). But you need to renew the plan before the expiry of membership. Otherwise, the discount won’t work.
  5. On successful payment, you will get a link to the page where you can download all the static mind maps.
  6. Please test the below sample mindmaps before making the purchase because no refund will be provided once you purchase this plan.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us by clicking the chat button at the bottom right. We reply fast.

Buy Membership

Please don’t purchase without reading the above table chart.

What others are saying?

Unbelievably amazing and very effective in quick revision

TO be really honest I haven’t seen or found any platform on internet which could match the output ratio of IAS express , this platform is just unbelievably amazing and very effective in quick revision .
Why I liked this platform –
• very very low cost for notes of all the (pre

Vikas Hooda
Platinum Member

A smarter way of IAS preparation

The unique n easy way of remembering thru their mindmaps are commendable. Its the one stop solution of contemporary articles n current affrs with updated data n facts. A smarter way of prep

Spalzes Dolma
Platinum Member


Very innovative and easy to understand articles & mindmaps. Thank you.

Platinum Plus Member

Best Ever Mind maps

Pradeep S
Platinum Plus Member

Great articles & mindmaps

Great articles and mindmaps. Useful for both prelims and mains.

Nisha Kale
Bronze Member

Amazing Mindmaps!!!

Minds maps are amazing , huge topics can be revised in 15 minutes .
Every topic of static syllabus is covered .
Monthly magazines are very crisp and everything has a background info.

Shubreet Lalli
Platinum Member

Thank you for creating such a beautiful course.

Sir I am fully satisfied with your approach. Thank you for creating such a beautiful course.

Abhishek Chakraborty
Bronze Member

Best site for preparation

I have enrolled in another site but this site provides me with the to-the-point articles which are needed for your mains writing. I would like to tell everyone one should invest in this site and you will not regret it after taking membership. thank you iasexpress for doing such a great job. – Mrinal Singh Platinum

Mrinal Singh
Platinum Member

A great way to retain the subject with crisp points

A great way to retain the subject with crisp points. A single book strategy for a subject ends up in a score around the cutoff. In some perspective, “Too much materials seems to be dangerous”. Studying more and more books of same subject also leads to confusion at the last minute. IE’s approach of balancing

Platinum Member

Wonderful platform to prepare for UPSC

Wonderful platform to study prelims as well as mains, I haven’t seen these kind of blog to study UPSC, Please continue these work as long as possible.

Deepak Naik
Silver Member

These mindmaps are a blessing in disguise

Thank You so much. As we UPSC aspirants are in the last leg of the preparation these mindmaps are a blessing in disguise. Thanks a tonne again.

Divya Vani
Gold Member

This certainly made my preparation easier

Hi I have platinum plus membership. I must admit this is the best platform for static portion preparation of any kind of competitive exam. This certainly made my preparation easier. Best 3000 bucks I have ever spent.

Pranay Patel
Platinum Plus Member

Simplified Mindmaps for Complex UPSC topics

First of all, I would like to admire your innovation of iasexpress platform and the efforts you put in making such simplified mindmaps for complex UPSC topics. I have enrolled as a gold member and have been enjoying studying mindmaps of static subjects. Thanks.

Naveen Undamatla
Gold Member

Best strategy for a beginner

Great content. The best strategy for a beginner would be to go through the mindmaps offered by iasexpress for the overview of concepts and build upon it as a base with additional reading. Their content makes it easy to retain information with the structured presentation. 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend.

Sahil Lohra
Platinum Plus Member

Amazed by the quality of content at one place

Hello. I am writing this to thank you for great content. Last night I accidentally jumped to your website by searching EWS reservation issues . When i read it i was amazed by the quality of content at one place. really this saves lots of time and i immediately bought gold membership. Mind maps are

Sameer Walia
Gold Member

Many indirect questions came in this mains 2019

IASexpress has made preparations much easier. I’m scoring good marks in static mocks. The mains section is absolutely amazing. Many indirect questions came in this mains 2019 from your mains-wise section topics. YOUR MINDMAPS saves a lot of time + it has helped me to make notes in a very precise manner. Tysm Santhosh Sir.

Jitesh Sahu
Platinum Member

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I want to join bronze one but I want to ask a question if I further want to join platinum then for how much cost i would get it