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Indian Polity Mind Map Notes + Related Current Affairs

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    How to use, Sources & Abbreviations
  2. Historical Background of the Indian Constitution
  3. Features of the Indian Constitution
  4. Comparison of Indian Constitution with that of Other Countries
  5. Constituent Assembly
  6. Preamble
  7. Union and its territory
  8. Citizenship
  9. Fundamental Rights
  10. Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP)
  11. Fundamental Duties
  12. Constitution Amendment
  13. Basic Structure of the Indian Constitution
  14. Complete list of amendments in Indian Constitution (an overview)
  15. Parliamentary System
  16. Federal System
  17. Center-State Relations
  18. Inter-State Relations
  19. Emergency Provisions
  20. Special Status of J&K
  21. Special Status of Some States
  22. 5th & 6th Schedule: Administration of Scheduled and Tribal Areas
  23. Central Government
    8 Submodules
  24. State Government
    6 Submodules
  25. Local Government
  26. Constitutional Bodies
  27. Non-constitutional Bodies
  28. Comparison between various posts/bodies with respect to Tenure, Appointment, and Removal
  29. Order of precedence
  30. Other Constitutional Dimensions
  31. Pressure Groups
  32. Elections in India & Salient Features of the Representation of People’s Act
  33. Landmark Judgements that Shaped India
  34. Related current affairs
  36. Justice
  37. Equality
  38. Human Rights
  39. Democracy
  40. Due Process of Law Vs Procedure Established by Law
  41. Equality Before Law Vs Equal Protection of Law
  42. Principles of Natural Justice Vs Legal Justice
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Historical Background of the Indian Constitution


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