UPSC GS (Mains) Previous Year Solved Papers (Topic-Wise)

Access comprehensive solutions for UPSC Mains GS questions. Filter by topic and year for targeted study.

Course Overview

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) General Studies (GS) Mains examination is one of the most challenging yet rewarding milestones in the path toward a career in the Indian Civil Services. Navigating through a broad spectrum of topics ranging from History and Geography to Polity, Economy, and Ethics requires not just depth of knowledge, but also the skill to apply it in an exam setting. This course, “UPSC GS (Mains) Previous Year Solved Papers (Topic-Wise),” is tailored for aspirants who seek an in-depth understanding of past years’ questions and their expert solutions.

Unlike traditional preparation methods, this course employs a unique, digital-first approach. It offers a searchable database of solved previous year papers, allowing you to filter by syllabus topics and years. This granular approach enables you to focus on specific areas, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your study time.

Course Objectives

  • To provide a comprehensive set of solutions for previous years’ UPSC GS Mains questions.
  • To enable topic-wise and year-wise filtering for targeted preparation.
  • To instill an understanding of how questions are framed and what UPSC expects in the answers.

Who Should Enroll

  • UPSC Civil Services aspirants at various stages of their preparation.
  • Candidates appearing for other state-level PSC exams who wish to understand the UPSC-level questioning pattern.
  • Individuals interested in upskilling their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.


A basic understanding of the UPSC Mains syllabus and foundational knowledge in general studies subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Economics, and General Science is recommended but not mandatory.

Course Features

  1. Filter-Enabled Database
    • Sort and filter questions based on specific topics, and years.
  2. Expert Solutions
    • Comprehensive solutions are offered for each question, focusing on analytical depth and factual accuracy.
  3. Real-Time Updates
    • The database is updated frequently to include recent UPSC Mains questions and their solutions.
  4. Interactive User Interface
    • The user-friendly digital interface enables smooth navigation and quick access to required information.
  5. Flexibility
    • Access the course at any time and from anywhere, catering to your convenience and schedule.
  6. Analytics Dashboard
    • Track your progress and understand your strengths and weaknesses through a dedicated analytics panel.

Access Format

This is an online, on-demand course. Once enrolled, you will have subscription-based access to the database, enabling you to prepare at your own pace and convenience.

How to Use the Course

  • Simply apply filters to select the topic and year you wish to focus on.
  • Browse through the list of questions and click on the ones you find challenging or relevant.
  • Read the expert-provided solutions to understand how to approach similar questions in the actual exam.

How to Enroll

Visit this page, to enroll and gain immediate access to this indispensable resource for UPSC preparation.

Sharpen your analytical skills and gain unparalleled insights into the UPSC Mains exam pattern by leveraging our exhaustive database of previous years’ solved papers.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Modules
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