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Are you preparing for the UPSC exam and looking for a reliable study resource to ace Philosophy Optional? Look no further! Our Philosophy Optional Mindmap Notes are the perfect solution for anyone looking to excel in the subject. Now, we have also added an ‘Answer Writing’ feature to help you practice and improve your writing skills for the exam.

Our Notes are designed to be a comprehensive and easy-to-understand study guide, covering all the essential topics and concepts that you need to know for the exam. The notes are also organized into a series of visually appealing mindmaps, making it easy to see the big picture and understand how different concepts fit together.

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Referred Sources

Paper I

  1. W. T. Stace: A Critical History of Greek Philosophy (Plato and Aristotle).
  2. Copleston: A History of Philosophy (Relevant Chapters from volume I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX & XI).
  3. Anthony Kenny: A New History of Western Philosophy. OUP Oxford.
  4. Datta & Chatterjee: An Introduction to Indian Philosophy. Rupa Publishing.
  5. C. D. Sharma: A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy. MLBD.
  6. Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy.
  7. Internet

Paper II

  1. John Hick: Philosophy of Religion.
  2. Michael B. Wilkinson: Philosophy of Religion: An Introduction.
  3. O. P. Gauba: Social & Political Philosophy.
  4. Political Theory, An Introduction. Edited By Rajeev Bhargava & Ashok Acharya.
  5. Oxford Dictionary of Politics.
  6. Internet

Course Content

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1. Plato and Aristotle: Ideas; Substance; Form and Matter; Causation; Actuality and Potentiality

2. The Foundations of Rationalism: Method, Substance, God, and Mind-Body Dualism
3. Empiricism (Locke, Berkeley, Hume)
4. Kant
5. Hegel
6. Moore, Russell, and Early Wittgenstein
7. Logical Positivism
8. Later Wittgenstein
9. Phenomenology (Husserl)
10. Existentialism (Kierkegaard, Sartre, Heidegger)
11. Quine and Strawson
12. Cârvâka
13. Jainism
14. Schools of Buddhism
15. Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika
16. Sâmkhya
17. Yoga
18. Mimâmsâ
19. Schools of Vedânta
20. Aurobindo
21. Socio-Political Ideals
22. Sovereignty
23. Individual and State
24. Forms of Government
25. Political Ideologies
26. Humanism; Secularism; Multiculturalism
27. Crime and Punishment
28. Development and Social Progress
29. Gender Discrimination
30. Caste Discrimination
Philosophy of Religion
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Course Includes

  • 122 Modules
  • 3 Submodules
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Philosophy Optional – The topics are misplaced and are not arranged in order.


Thank You. Now it is perfectly arranged.

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IAS Express Courses are nice for the revision of the whole syllabus of GS and Optional in mindmaps form.
Thank you IAS Express team for your wonderful initiative.

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I bought the course specifically for Sociopolitical philosophy and philosophy of religion. They are missing.

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Sir will you upload the paper 2 topics?

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Good course

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Wanted to tell u that you have an excellent notes of philosophy..I have gone through the modules..and mind maps looks like a cakewalk for revision.. thank you for providing such content

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