Refund & Cancellation Policy

We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction. Before making a purchase, review the product’s summary and description for detailed information. We have provided samples for you to gauge content quality. Rest assured, all content matches the quality of the provided samples.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Refunds will NOT be issued when:

  • A subscription is activated by you, due to the digital nature of our products.
  • A subscription is cancelled by you during the current billing cycle.
  • A subscription isn’t cancelled before the due date of the next billing cycle, and the automatic charge is successfully processed.

Refunds WILL be issued when:

  • A recurring/automatic payment is cancelled before its due date but your account is charged regardless.
  • Duplicate or double payments occur.
  • Content is inaccessible, and after our verification and attempts to resolve, the issue persists.

Note: Refunds are not applicable for subscriptions purchased during a presale, i.e., before the syllabus completion.

You can cancel your IAS EXPRESS subscription anytime before the next payment date, which also pauses any associated recurring payments. Post-cancellation, access to courses linked with the subscription will be lost. However, you can reactivate your subscription before the next payment due date to regain course access.

For any content access issues, reach out to us at or use the contact button at the bottom right of this page. We’ll address your concerns within 48 hours.

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