Anthropology (Optional) Mind Map Notes + Related Current Affairs

This mindmap course helps you in learning or revising Anthropology optional topics 10X faster and better!

Who is this course for
  • UPSC, State PSC, and other competitive exam aspirants who have this subject in their syllabus
  • General readers who wish to learn this subject in a short amount of time

Features of this course
  • In-depth but easy to learn/revise through interactive & hierarchical mindmaps
  • Remember concepts for long-term
  • Add your own notes
  • Linkage with current affairs gives you updated info right away
  • Adhered to syllabus & previous year question patterns


Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 56 Modules
  • 240 Submodules
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Rating :

Hi. notes are very good and effective. thanks.

Shravan pitta

Thank you for the positive feedback. We are always working to give you the best content.


Notes kaisa milega bhai

Rating :

Regarding anthropology optional, all mindmaps are quite good and topics are covered according to previous year papers.

Shravan pitta

Thank you for the feedback. Good luck.

Rating :

The whole syllabus is covered extensively and precisely. Hope these mindmaps are enough for scoring high marks.

Rating :

Nice & really helpful for my optional preparation.

Rating :

Regarding anthropology optional, all mindmaps are good.Thankx

Shiv jeet
Rating :

Please ad diagrams, previous year questions, case studies, current example, ….

Shravan pitta

Yes we are adding diagrams wherever required.
Previous year questions also will be added.thanks for the suggestions

Naren yadav

Sir,history aur economy ka bhi aise hi short notes dijiye plz

Rating :

Please upload the notes daily and complete it as early as possible before September at least….thanks for your effort

Shravan pitta

Thank you for the feedback.we are working to give you the best content and will make sure to finish ASAP. Good luck

Rating :

Add names of anthropologist and their work/books as much as possible as it make the answer relevant and fetches more marks

Shravan pitta

Thanks for the feedback. as a matter of fact we did add and we will add major works of all can refer it in classical evolutionists topic that is freely available. Good luck.

Rating :

Also if the topic can be related to current events

Rating :

Plz ad difference blw new and old physical anthropology
No diagram

Shravan pitta

Thanks for your feedback..Regarding diagrams pls see other freely available topic like classical evolutionists can see diagram.. in physical anthropology we have added lot of diagrams for understanding the concepts wherever required.
2) regarding previous year questions we will add for sure..
Thanks again.

Akash kumar
Rating :

Are these notes enough for complete coverage of anthropology optional? And when will you upload all the mindmaps?

Shravan pitta

Thank you for your interest..we are covering each topic comprehensively extracting important points from multiple sources..we are making sure that student doesn’t need another source to look for.
We are uploading one topic each day so one can finish reading them as soon as it was uploaded.we will finish it ASAP
Thank you.

Rating :

Please upload atleast one topics everyday one from 1st paper and one from 2nd paper…earnest request to you..thanks for your effort

Shravan pitta

Uploading Each topic a day to ensure content rich mindmaps..if you are preparing for 2021 you will be having more than sufficient time to read revise all the mind maps.. thank you for your feedback.good luck

Rating :

Social group topics is not opening..its totally blank


Is the syllabus over?

kartikey mishra
Rating :

i have taken 1 yr subscription and the content is really good. but course is still not complete.. by the time it gets completed will my subscription time liit be extended as its useless presently?please tell

Visal M
Rating :

Great work so far! Can give us some idea as to by when you are planning to complete the syllabus? Can try planning accordingly.
Thank you.


hi… i have query does you channel provides mind maps or anthropology notes…i would like to join can i know the details weather it is a mind maps or detailed notes


Hi, how many more day’s it will take to complete syllabus? Is the topics are getting uploaded on daily basis till now?

Kartikey Mishra
Rating :

hi, any estimate upto when course would be completed…please give an estimate so that we can plan accordingly.
thanks for all the mindmaps :)

Rating :

In Anthropology, paper 1 under 2.4 Family, Mindmap of ‘Functions of Family’ has Mindmap of ‘Types of Family’.
Please rectify it.

Rating :

Anthropology paper 1
Chapter 2 (family)
Impact of urbanization, industrialization and feminist movement on family..
Topic information not found , showing kinship introduction..plz rectify it

Kartikey Mishra
Rating :

hello sir, at least in paper 1 there are few topics in between the completed topics which are not completed , please first complete them it would be helpful in flow and secondly, can we expect the paper 2 to be completed by april end?

Kartikey Mishra

thank you sir

Kartikey Mishra

sir, can you complete the first paper first atleast on urgent basis all topics in sequential manner…

Kartikey Mishra

sir, in 2.4 impact of urbanization has kinship mindmap, please rectify that…!

Kartikey Mishra

sir, in paper 1, topic 2.4 ( subtopic effect of urbanization ) and topic 2.5(subtopic forms of decent group ) are not there ,some other mind map is inside these topics, please rectify, its very urgent

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