Ancient Indian History Mind Map Notes + Related Current Affairs

This mindmap course helps you in learning or revising ancient Indian history topics 10X faster and better!

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Rating :

most simplified content…thank you ias express

Pooja gautam
Rating :

What is the meaning of 1ly PWG


May be only….

Rating :

Which book u have referred for ancient history to make mind maps??

Rating :

can we edit these maps and add/remove nodes as per our requirements ?

Rating :

How can I access this app in pc

irfan ahmad
Rating :

superb content… extremely crisp!

Rating :

very helpful for exam perspective…but I think the history items and facts should have been more elaborated..that’s my request to you to further update the topics..thanks for your outstanding effort


I think more factual informations could have been included in ancient,medieval and modern history parts….this will definitely make it a compact one for detailed preparation..thanks


As for example- 1. more information and facts regarding the dynasties of ancient India and the successive rulers , policy of imp rulers and their historical importance(in brief form),mention contemporary rulcers in short note so that linkage could be identified simultaneously,ancient literature and associated poets of different era 2. In medieval history more information regarding sultans of delhi sultanate can be added,associated literature,info about deccan sultante has not mentioned,more info regarding mughal rulers(ex. akbar’s conquest policy) etc 3. in modern india part provisions of various reforms,facts regarding the movements,treaties(in crisp form) could have been added…a separate column for the all… Read more »

Durgesh Pandey
Rating :

बहुत सराहनीय प्रयास है सर आपका हम सभी छात्र आपके आभारी हैं लेकिन सर ऐसा प्रयास आप हिंदी माध्यम के विद्यार्थियों के लिए करें तो निसंदेह उनको बहुत बड़ी लीड मिलेगी
बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद सर आपका


Yes, he is trying to convey that its a great initiative by IE for helping the aspirants but requesting the same for Hindi medium aspirants as well.

Rating :

Content of history require more elaboration and information from reference book like for ancient and medieval from Dahiya mhe publication and art and culture from nitin singhania.
overall best mindmap learning in market. I appreciate your efforts. help a lot in our preparation. specially for current affair portion. Best ever in market.

sundar lal
Rating :

I have no words for your hard work. You made really amazing mindmap notes in world. thanks so much, god bless you. My best wishes always with you. One day you will become very popular. Thanks again.

Rating :

Is pdf available ?

Abhishek Sonkar
Rating :

Is this mind map printable?

Kartikey Mishra
Rating :

i feel confident now that i can do this exam due to clarity of content and fluid delivery of the same

Rating :

I’m joined the IE membership but all static portion is not open, why sir?

Rating :

If I get subscription, then can I download the map and keep into the pc?

Rating :


Rating :

sir notes tagged to nodes- only half part is visible. how to view them fully?
ex: i am not able to view rakhigarhi notes fully in ivc.

Lahari Reddy
Rating :

Where is Jainism and buddhism?

Rating :

Sir , PGW mean?

Rating :

not getting where are referred sources?

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