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  • 17 Static GS Mindmap Courses (Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Art & Culture, Geography (World & Indian), Environment , Ancient Indian History, Medieval Indian History, Modern Indian History, Post-Independence Indian History, World History, International Relations, Ethics, Indian Society & Social Justice, Internal Security, Disasters & its Management, Governance, Science & Technology).
  • Prelims Newsbits (From 2018).
  • Mains Editorial Notes & Indepths (From 2018).
  • Prelims Sureshots (Repeated Topic Compilations: Indices, Species, GI tags, History terms, Freedom fighters, etc ).
  • Prelims PYQs retake tests with detailed explanations based on official keys (From 2011).
  • Add notes, bookmark, and dark mode options.
  • Study Hacks (How to remember, focus, note-making, elimination tricks etc).
  • Students forum for peer discussions.
  • Offline Access: Open any page once with the internet and it can be opened again without the internet for your later reference.

Or 3 interest-free payments with


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What is a Mindmap

  • A mind map can turn a long list of boring information into a colourful, memorable and highly organized diagram that works in line with your brain’s natural way of doing things.
  • A mind map is hierarchical and reflects relationships among pieces of the whole.
  • Whenever you make notes from books or newspapers, instead of writing paragraphs or bullet points, you can make a mind map for the big-picture analysis and better recall.
  • How to make a mind map?
    • Step 1: Write the main concept at the centre of the page.
    • Step 2: Write sub-topics around the main concept and link them together.
    • Step 3: Write the key points under each-subtopics.
    • Step 4: Mark relationship (if any) between different points in the mind map.
Click to Zoom.
  • Above is the example mind map from our article on the statue of unity issue. Here,
    • Statue of unity – the Main concept
    • Why in news? Who is Patel? Etc – Sub-topics
    • Then the nodes that branch out from sub-topics are key points.

What you will get after purchasing subscription?


  • 17 Static GS Mindmap Courses (Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Art & Culture, Geography (World & Indian), Environment , Ancient Indian History, Medieval Indian History, Modern Indian History, Post-Independence Indian History, World History, International Relations, Ethics, Indian Society & Social Justice, Internal Security, Disasters & its Management, Governance, Science & Technology).
  • Prelims Newsbits (From 2018).
  • Mains Editorial Notes & Indepths (From 2018).
  • Prelims Sureshots (Repeated Topic Compilations: Indices, Species, GI tags, History terms, Freedom fighters, etc ).
  • Prelims PYQs retake tests with detailed explanations based on official keys (From 2011).
  • Add notes, bookmark, and dark mode options.
  • Study Hacks (How to remember, focus, note-making, elimination tricks etc).
  • Students forum for peer discussions.
  • Offline Access: Open any page once with the internet and it can be opened again without the internet for your later reference.

Features of this course

  • In-depth but easy to learn/revise through interactive & hierarchical mindmaps
  • Remember concepts for long-term
  • Add your own notes
  • Linkage with current affairs gives you updated info right away
  • Adhered to syllabus & previous year question patterns

Referred Sources

  • For static – NCERT, NIOS, Standard books (Laxmikanth, Ramesh Singh, Bipan Chandra, etc.) and Internet
  • For current affairs – Hindu, Indian Express, Down to earth, PIB, etc.


Number of devices: 2 simultaneous device logins (PC/Tablet/Mobile) are allowed per user account for all subscriptions.


133 reviews for General Studies (Static & Current Affairs) Subscription

  1. pavan (verified owner)

    Awesome content and nice initiative

    • Santhosh

      Thanks Pavan for the positive feedback.

  2. Spalzes (verified owner)

    The unique n easy way of remembering thru their mindmaps are commendable. Its the one stop solution of contemporary articles n current affrs with updated data n facts. A smarter way of prep?

    • Santhosh

      Thanks, Spalzes for the nice review. Your suggestions on hot topics really helped. My best wishes for your attempt in UPSC 2019. You will achieve this time considering your hard work and perseverance.

  3. Manoj (verified owner)

    A+……Miles to GO….

    • Santhosh

      Thank you.

  4. Vikas (verified owner)

    To be really honest I haven’t seen or found any platform on the internet which could match the output ratio of IAS express, this platform is just unbelievably amazing and very effective in quick revision.
    Why do I like this platform?
    1) very very low cost for notes of all the (pre + mains ) subjects add to that CA topics analysis from various newspapers on hot topics.
    2) notes are designed in such a way that help you to recollect more while revising rather than just reading them.
    3) most of the notes from standard books i.e NCERT, Laxmikanth, Ramesh Singh, Tamilnadu history books.
    4) IAS Express responds to emails immediately.
    This is the first time writing feedback on any website simply because of the reason that I have liked it very very very much.
    Thank you

    • Santhosh

      Thank you so much, Vikas for making the time to provide such a nice review. And thanks for all the feedbacks and updates that you’ve frequently suggested to me. I’m working on it. IAS EXPRESS will become a one-stop destination for UPSC aspirants in no time. Thanks for being a member.

  5. Shubhreet (verified owner)

    Minds maps are amazing , huge topics can be revised in 15 minutes .
    Every topic of static syllabus is covered .
    Monthly magazines very crisp and everything has a background info.

    • Santhosh

      Thanks Shubhreet for the positive feedback.

  6. Mrinal (verified owner)

    Best site for preparation. I have enrolled in another site but this site provides me with the to-the-point articles which are needed for your mains writing. I would like to tell everyone one should invest in this site and you will not regret it after taking membership. thank you iasexpress for doing such a great job.

    • Santhosh

      You’re welcome Mrinal. Keep following IE. Thanks.

  7. TANDRALI (verified owner)

    I wanted to thank you for the mindmaps as they have been very useful while studying.

    • Santhosh

      You’re welcome. And thanks for the positive review.

  8. Mohan (verified owner)

    A great way to retain the subject with crisp points. A single book strategy for a subject ends up in a score around the cutoff. In some perspective, “Too much materials seems to be dangerous”. Studying more and more books of same subject also leads to confusion at the last minute. IE’s approach of balancing these two strategies is definitely a saviour for last minute revision and face the exam with more confidence.

    • Santhosh

      Thank you Mohan for making time to write such a nice review. I’m glad IE helps in your preparation.

  9. शोभित (verified owner)

  10. shiv nath (verified owner)


  11. Vipula (verified owner)

  12. Lakamana (verified owner)


    • Santhosh

      Thank You :)

  13. deepthi (verified owner)


  14. Yogesh (verified owner)

    Mindmaps are so good. it saves lot of time specially for senior aspirants. It helps to recall everything faster in mains exam. very much helpful for mains. Thanks and all the best.

    • Santhosh

      Thanks. I’m delighted to know that our contents are helpful in your preparation. Good luck with your exams.

  15. Aadil (verified owner)

    Brahmastra for current affairs specially for mains, join without thinking,u won’t regret

  16. Jitesh (verified owner)

    IASexpress has made preparations much easier. I’m scoring good marks in static mocks. The mains section is absolutely amazing. Many indirect questions came in this mains 2019 from your mainswise section topics. YOUR MINDMAPS saves a lot of time + it has helped me to make notes in a very precise manner. Tysm Santhosh Sir.

  17. Jonathan (verified owner)

  18. sanjana (verified owner)

  19. Dhruv K. Patel (verified owner)

    Can improve more by including more analysis on some topics, otherwise great initiative and efforts

  20. SHUBHAM (verified owner)

    Great Content.

  21. naveen (verified owner)

    Love it and the effort put in shows but I have 3 requests.
    1.Add more pictures to the mind map because something visual can be memorized quicker and will not be monotonous to study.
    2.Some points in the mind map are very vague so we can’t under the logic or the context so please elaborate on that like some note attached to mind map or something.
    3.please add a feature or editable file where I can add some points as the mind map might lack my points or I can remove some points so as to make them more crisp.
    Again thank you for your efforts.

  22. Ria (verified owner)

    Commendable efforts..Thank You so much for making upsc preparation so simple..

  23. Deepak singh bisht (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  24. arjav (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  25. CHANDNI (verified owner)

  26. Narinderpal (verified owner)

  27. Karthika S (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum (GS)
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  28. Vikram (verified owner)

    Review for Gold (GS)
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  29. ADITYA (verified owner)

    mindmaps and current affairs are extremely good

  30. Kinshuk Chandra (verified owner)

    Very good for ias preparation.Best platform for ias preparation.Highliy recommend.Cost effective.

  31. SUMONA DEY (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum (GS) – 1 Year
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    • Santhosh

      I’m glad you found us :) All the best.

  32. saurabh (verified owner)

    Review for Diamond (GS) – 2 Years
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  33. Khaleel (verified owner)

    I’m not sure whether it is sufficient for prelims (though I believe no other sources are sufficient). But it is more than sufficient for mains… I give five stars for your efforts… Thank you so much

    • Santhosh

      You cannot find any source sufficient because UPSC may ask questions from any source they want. But we work really hard to reach the sufficiency (you can see that from prelims CA mindmaps and mains articles itself). Thank you for the feedback. Good luck with your exams.

  34. Iim (verified owner)

  35. Vinay (verified owner)

    Very usefull for quick review….

  36. Sanober (verified owner)

  37. Janani (verified owner)

    Only thing I’m unsatisfied is one current affair article per day. Please make it to atleast 5.

    • Santhosh

      Sorry. It would be unproductive to make articles on each and every topic which is not important for the mains exam. You can cover those topics in prelims CA mindmaps itself as a brief. The analysis is only provided for important issues for mains only.

  38. Sourav (verified owner)

    Easy to revise all topics and easy to learn.thank you so much 🙏

  39. ritesh (verified owner)

    for last moment or in a rush, the mind-maps are panacea for revision. one can utilize each second through this interesting site….

  40. Anshul (verified owner)

    Mindmaps are really helpful. Thanks.

  41. Arjun Singh (verified owner)

    These Mind maps are really helpful when it comes to revision , Enhances our Recall power , Nicely organized.

    • Santhosh

      Thanks for the positive feedback. Good luck with prep.

  42. sudesh (verified owner)

    Good mindmaps

  43. viru (verified owner)

    your service is good

  44. Randhir Chauhan (verified owner)

    Current is the best ever in the market. Go for it.

    • Santhosh

      Thanks for your feedback. But we do add more elaboration by referring to different sources. If you think a certain mindmap doesn’t have enough elaboration, please contact us at [email protected].

  45. Rakesh (verified owner)

    Precious for upsc smart preparation.

  46. APARNA.M (verified owner)

  47. HK (verified owner)

  48. aniket (verified owner)

    Now i dont worry about making a consolidated notes on current issues by reading several newspaper. Moreover mindmaps have been a relief.

  49. Ankita (verified owner)

    Very helpful.

  50. JAYESH (verified owner)

    Very good and helpful mindmaps for better learning and revision. Thanks.

  51. Aadil (verified owner)

    very comprehensive coverage of current affairs article, while newspaper editorials are found discussing on single side of issue,

  52. Bhanu (verified owner)

    It’s very useful to me

  53. Ishan Agarwal (verified owner)

    Very good

  54. Rahul (verified owner)


  55. Mousumi (verified owner)

  56. Ias (verified owner)

    This is the best purchase i’ve ever made, things are so simplified categorized, helps me a lot in revision

  57. Bharat (verified owner)

    I have been following IASExp since a year and your work is phenomenal. Thank you and keep providing good content!

  58. ବାଣୀ ଶତାବ୍ଦୀ (verified owner)

    Superb content.

  59. Alice (verified owner)

  60. Uday (verified owner)

    It’s good and effective.
    I am only relying on the iasexpress, iam not referring any other sources for preparation.

  61. Michael (verified owner)

  62. ADITYA (verified owner)

    It is very easy and understandable and easy to grasp and memorize effectively

  63. Vaishali (verified owner)

    Amazing insights with substantiated facts. Easy for overall revision.

  64. Devika (verified owner)

    Very helpful for me in faster learning and revising concepts.

  65. saif (verified owner)

    Its very helpfull to me ,

  66. Kundana sri (verified owner)

    Simplified my UPSC preparation. Thank you.

  67. rithvik (verified owner)

  68. aniket (verified owner)

  69. VARUN (verified owner)

    Detailed Mind Maps

  70. Nivas (verified owner)

    Saves lot of time for Mains. Current updation is very apt.

  71. Kumar (verified owner)

    Most of the contents are comprehensively covered. Saves a lot of time.

  72. All Secret (verified owner)

    You done well……
    Keep it up guys……
    I left all my books
    Switch only your contents

  73. Sudhanshu (verified owner)

    It really helped me a lot in making connections and cues across different topics. A whole new way to analyse and remember vast information with ease is now with me. I want to know about psychology optional, when it will be introduced …..?

  74. Somya (verified owner)

  75. Tani tatak (verified owner)

  76. GURUMARUTHI (verified owner)


  77. keerthana (verified owner)

    Great background work..good content.. only concern is that some articles don’t have reading mode..

  78. Saurav (verified owner)

    Your course has simplified my preparation.

  79. B V S DURGA PRASAD (verified owner)

    Very good material particularly mind maps

  80. Rimjhim Singh (verified owner)

    Content is very informative and easy to remember.

  81. Parvejalam (verified owner)

    The new way of structuring content made upsc journey much easier.

  82. Vivek (verified owner)

    Innovative initiative

  83. Rahul Raj (verified owner)

    Very useful for me.

  84. Nandan (verified owner)

    Easy to revise when time is constraint in this exam

  85. shafique (verified owner)

    A good source to understand and interlink events

  86. Jeetin Kumar (verified owner)


  87. Mehran (verified owner)

    this mind map utmost helpful for my preparation .I express my gratitude to all faculty member who consolidate the content and then make it (mindmap).

  88. Muni Lakshmi (verified owner)

    It will help me alot but it will be nice when you provide only GS current affairs because everyone will read static part and many of them neglect current affairs so if you provide it, it will be too good

  89. shafique (verified owner)

    A very good approach to learn

  90. Mazid (verified owner)

    During upsc every aspirant think that how to make a concise notes and you are providing a betterful notes In concise and simple words really you are doing a great job and I will take a 2 years course of ur notes that’s all for my side and thanks for ur note

  91. Kiruba (verified owner)

    liked the smart approach designed by the IE team. Content is useful for my exam preparation & satisfied with the sources you referred

    So glad to get to know this smart preparation specially focussed on UPSC aspirants.

    Thanks & keep doing the good work!!

  92. Mahesh (verified owner)

    It is really helpful in quickly understanding and revising concepts. Thank you so much.

  93. Arnab (verified owner)

    Excellent effort by team IAS Express

  94. Rohan (verified owner)

    The course is really good,it covers all dimensions of an issue, i mainly bought the course for revision purposes & i am happy that i made the right choice ,the customer care is also really great with timely response.

  95. Ashish (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum (GS) – 1 Year
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  96. Raman (verified owner)

  97. Nitin’s (verified owner)


  98. Mehran (verified owner)

    this store is highly helpful for me amd my colleague. i would express my gratitude toward whole team of this store .And keep us update! henceforth

  99. Akshay Ashok RAUTWAD (verified owner)


  100. soumya (verified owner)

    Keep going , your hardwork and content providing for us is important and very helpful

  101. hacker (verified owner)

    Nice but a little more diagrams and added notes will go a step further. Kudos!

  102. Saicharan (verified owner)

    It’s really useful for my prep. Thank you.

  103. Vijayaraghavan (verified owner)

    The best.

  104. Aarthy (verified owner)

  105. polity (verified owner)

    Content needs to made wholistic covering multiple sources so that one need not refer others.

    • Santhosh

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll try our best to make the content more indepth.

  106. Malaya (verified owner)

    The course is great it provides in depth knowledge.

  107. Chetana (verified owner)

    Worth to the money !! Thank you so much

  108. bhargava (verified owner)

    This mind maps are really praiseworthy and very helpful and make some other flow chart n diagram also for current affairs.

  109. pukhraj prajapat (verified owner)

    Very well and very updated data through this well designed Plateform……let our dreams come true by this palteform
    Thank you ias express team

  110. karthik (verified owner)

    The app is really useful. The static part is excellent. But if you could provide daily current affairs updates I think this app will beat out every other civil services app.

  111. Vikas (verified owner)

    Content wise is good.
    But opening of mindmap is time taking.
    It will be good if mindmap is get opened fully in one go.

  112. chetan (verified owner)

  113. Aanya (verified owner)

  114. Hemlata (verified owner)

    Easy to learn

  115. Nitin’s (verified owner)

    Excellent material

  116. RISHAB (verified owner)

    It is a nice concept to learn and revise faster through mindmaps and the content quality is also good.still, I would like to suggest to improve interface quality and processing speed of data.

  117. Deepak singh bisht (verified owner)

    Reducing 1 star as the contents are the best in the industry and useful for all the state services plus the great upsc but I do think that the printable PDF atleast should be provided to easily revise and recall . This would help the candidate in achieving their dreams at ease and in quick time.

  118. Mehran (verified owner)

  119. ANKIT KUMAR (verified owner)

    The best platform which I had found on internet for upsc preparation. Easy to understand and retain the content.

  120. ASHUTOSH (verified owner)

    Its extremely helpful and its very true that revision becomes 10 times fast…. Keep it up Sir and Mam….. 🙏

  121. Aakash (verified owner)

    Very helpful.

  122. Rishabh (verified owner)


  123. Swetha (verified owner)

    Very helpful for my UPSC preparation.

  124. chandramouli (verified owner)

    10times faster really. Thank you

  125. M (verified owner)

    I really like your content!! Helps me cover a lot of info in a very short span of time. I’m a big fan of the structuring. I kind of have ocd so it gives me satisfaction to use your well organized site. Big thumbs up from my side! Keep up the good work👍 Just a point I would like to run through you though – If site maintenance timings can be known beforehand, it would really help. Please take note of that. No complaints regarding content. Thanks💛

  126. Rupak Kumar (verified owner)

    One of the best notes available for UPSC preparation. These notes are crisp and concise,at the same time affordable.
    Thank you IAS Express team for providing such quality notes.

  127. Saurabh (verified owner)

    My UPSC preparation has gotten 10X faster. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful platform.

  128. Meena (verified owner)

    Iasexpress’s work is really praise worthy. I remembered in 2021 prelims I was able to answer one question about Hyderabad as a tree city nd published by Abor foundation etc.. which I had read in iasexpress current affairs where they have given in a very crisp mindmap . I could have answered more current affairs easily if I had covered monthly magazines thoroughly. Your work is making our preparation bit easier in many ways. Please keep doing this work .

  129. Harshwardhan (verified owner)

    Your courses just amazing and very easy to understand

    • Santhosh

      Thank you for the positive feedback.

  130. Shivani Bisan (verified owner)

    Helpful for my prep

  131. Savan (verified owner)

    your mindmaps is really helpful to revise quickly but if you can give an Edit button than it become more helpful and valueable for us who prepared in regional language so we can add terminology in regional language….

  132. Techi (verified owner)

    IAS Express course has been my go to site ever since I found it. Learning have become a lot more fun, interesting and faster with your amazing mindmaps. Truly a blessing for the aspirants and learner’s. The best one so far with the fastest response team.

  133. Shrutika (verified owner)

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