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IE Magazines are monthly PDF compilations of both free and premium IE Articles with Mindmaps (Current affairs).

About IE Articles & its Benefits
  • IE Articles are like NCERTs of key current affairs issues.
  • It will give you a strong foundation of key current affairs topics through big-picture analysis.
  • They are prepared by analyzing at least 3-4 years of news from major news sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, Yojana, etc. It is because UPSC no longer asks questions from last one-year news only (see 2018 & 2019 paper) + it requires candidates to have in-depth knowledge of important issues. So IE article is an initiative to satisfy this demand of UPSC.
  • Relevant links to static syllabus mindmaps are also provided for integrated learning.
  • Whenever there is an update to a particular issue, we don’t write an entirely new article with different words. Instead, we re-publish the existing ones with additional notes so that it would easier for you to understand and revise those issues better.
  • Sometimes we may miss covering some important issue/topic, in that case, you can suggest that topic by clicking the contact button on the bottom-right of any page. We’ll post an article on that issue within a week.
  • IE Articles will be useful to solve analytical/in-depth questions in Prelims (see 2019 question paper). Note- Please read daily newspapers and take notes on topics that are not covered by IE articles to cover all topics for prelims.
  • It will be useful to solve almost all questions in Mains (Essay and General Studies).
  • It will be useful for writing excellent answers in mains (essay & GS).
  • Articles are written in a notes based format with question-answer based arrangement = you can easily recall concepts in the exam/interview.
  • Mindmaps are provided for easy understanding and faster revision before the exam.
  • So regular reading and revising IE articles would be a game-changer in your UPSC preparation journey.
  • Please note that we post only about 4-5 articles on most-probable topics per week but with more quality and in-depth analysis. Because quality is more important than quantity in this exam.
  • One more thing, don’t restrict yourself to reading only articles from June this year – June next year. Because each and every article is important for the exam. Also, we provide mindmaps for a quick overview if you face time constraints. So you need to read all articles from August 2018 (IE Started) itself.

Note: IE Articles will also be useful for other competitive exams such as State PSC, Banking, NABARD, RBI Grade B, etc. for general awareness & economic-social issues sections.


  • Don’t solely depend on these articles for the mains exam!!!
  • Because we provide in-depth articles only on important topics.
  • Also, we don’t provide each and every data that you see in the news. But such data may be relevant at some point in the exam.
  • So these articles should be used as complementary to your own reading of daily editorials in newspapers. IE Articles are like NCERTs of key current affairs issues.
  • If you think an important topic is not already covered by us, use the chat icon at the bottom to inform us. We’ll publish it within a week or two. Note- You can use the search bar to find articles.
How to download?

With Gold (6 Months), Platinum (12 Months) & Platinum Plus (12 Months) Membership, you can download all the previous months and coming months magazines on this same page until the membership expiry + you can also access all IE Mindmaps (Static syllabus covered).

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Why membership instead of individual magazine purchase?
  • Static Mindmaps: With membership, in addition to magazines, you can also access static syllabus mindmaps which gives you better understanding, revision & retention. Economic survey, budget, important compilations such as indices/reports, etc. are also included in static mindmaps.
  • Integrated learning: Contents in the magazine are linked with other articles & static mindmaps = You get big-picture & integrated learning. But membership is needed to access those linked contents.
  • Affordability: With membership, you can access previous and coming months magazines for a fixed price = you save a lot of money from purchasing individual magazines worth Rs. 160 each + you can also access static mindmaps.

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Download the October 2019 Magazine below as a sample. All the other magazines from August 2018 are visible for Gold, Platinum & Platinum Plus members only.

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