Current Affairs (Prelims & Mains) through Mindmaps

This course helps you in learning or revising current affairs topics 10X faster and better!

Who is this course for

  • UPSC, State PSC, and other competitive exam aspirants who have current affairs in their syllabus
  • General readers who wish to learn current affairs topics in a very short amount of time

Features of this course

  • Learn/revise 10X faster through interactive & hierarchical mindmaps
  • Remember concepts for long-term
  • Linkage with different posts gives you big-picture understanding of a concept
  • Adhered to syllabus & previous year question patterns
  • Add your own notes (Login & try it)
  • Track your progress (Login & try it)

Referred Sources

  • The Hindu (For national & international news)
  • Indian Express (For national & international news)
  • Down to earth (For environment news)
  • PIB (For government schemes & policies)
  • Other news sites (for additional reference)

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Course Includes

  • 4 Modules


Vikas Hooda Avatar
Vikas Hooda

To be really honest I haven't seen or found any platform on the internet which could match the output ratio of IAS express, this platform is just unbelievably amazing and... read more

naveen  Avatar

Love it and the effort put in shows but I have 3 requests.
1.Add more pictures to the mind map because something visual can be memorized quicker and will not be...
read more

saurabh bhatia Avatar
saurabh bhatia

Mindmaps are really good... ( content )..
I am giving 4/5 star..

Feedback -
1. Please try to include images of possible.( If your memory in website allows )
2.... read more

Feedback -
1. Please try to include images of possible.( If your memory in website allows )
2. Please create a separate Mindmap ( liberty, caste, democracy ... Etc etc ) - containing only expert/scholar view. ( So that we can revise it again an again )

Thank you.

( Above feedback is just for my perspective, please free to ignore it if IASEXPRESS consider it useless/inappropriate. )

pooja kumari Avatar
pooja kumari

Dear sir, you have done fantabulous job. I have gone through mindmaps that shows you great endeavour for UPSC aspirants. You have actually worked on what everyone needed during preparation.... read more

Mohan Damodharan Avatar
Mohan Damodharan

A great way to retain the subject with crisp points. A single book strategy for a subject ends up in a score around the cutoff. In some perspective, "Too much... read more

sreeram Naik vnit Avatar
sreeram Naik vnit

It is the very simplest form and crispy notes and we can easily revise the whole part multiple times and I would like to suggest one thing is that please... read more

Shubham Patil Avatar
Shubham Patil

Mind maps are really helpful to retain content for longer time and to compare or relate topics with each other. Thanks for this immensely helpful work.? And plz add... read more

Jitesh Sahu Avatar
Jitesh Sahu

IASexpress has made preparations much easier. I’m scoring good marks in static mocks. The mains section is absolutely amazing. Many indirect questions came in this mains 2019 from your... read more

Janani R Avatar
Janani R

Even though a few static topics are to be uploaded newly, but one current affair article per day is a bit dull idea. It can be extended like one article... read more

Arjun Singh Gurjar Avatar
Arjun Singh Gurjar

It is really a great course , Mind maps are really helpful especially for the long term retaining , As all notes are referring standard books so this is a... read more

As we all know the syllabus is a Bible in UPSC , here we get all the course According to syllabus this is the main thing why I went for this course.

Mrinal Singh Avatar
Mrinal Singh

Best site for preparation. I have enrolled in another site but this site provides me with the to-the-point articles which are needed for your mains writing. I would like to... read more

Mazid Avatar

During upsc every aspirant think that how to make a concise notes and you are providing a betterful notes In concise and simple words really you are doing a... read more

Anonymous Avatar

liked the smart approach designed by the IE team. Content is useful for my exam preparation & satisfied with the sources you referred

So glad to get to know this smart... read more

So glad to get to know this smart preparation specially focussed on UPSC aspirants.

Thanks & keep doing the good work!!

Sudhanshu Kumar Avatar
Sudhanshu Kumar

It really helped me a lot in making connections and cues across different topics. A whole new way to analyse and remember vast information with ease is now with me.... read more

Rohan Avatar

The course is really good,it covers all dimensions of an issue, i mainly bought the course for revision purposes & i am happy that i made the right choice ,the... read more

Muni Lakshmi Avatar
Muni Lakshmi

It will help me alot but it will be nice when you provide only GS current affairs because everyone will read static part and many of them neglect current affairs... read more

Khaleel Mohammad Avatar
Khaleel Mohammad

I'm not sure whether it is sufficient for prelims (though I believe no other sources are sufficient). But it is more than sufficient for mains... I give five stars for... read more

Babai Mukherjee Avatar
Babai Mukherjee

very helpful for exam perspective…but I think the history items and facts should have been more elaborated..that’s my request to you to further update the topics..thanks for your outstanding effort

Spalzes Dolma Avatar
Spalzes Dolma

The unique n easy way of remembering thru their mindmaps are commendable. Its the one stop solution of contemporary articles n current affrs with updated data n facts.... read more

Yogesh Parmar Avatar
Yogesh Parmar

Mindmaps are so good. it saves lot of time specially for senior aspirants. It helps to recall everything faster in mains exam. very much helpful for mains. Thanks and all... read more

Shubhreet Lalli Avatar
Shubhreet Lalli

Minds maps are amazing , huge topics can be revised in 15 minutes .
Every topic of static syllabus is covered .
Monthly magazines very crisp and everything has a background info.

Randhir Chauhan Avatar
Randhir Chauhan

Current is best ever in market. But statics in some subject need more elaboration so that aspirant may fully rely on iasexpress material.
Overall it is better in market

mehrankHAN Avatar

this mind map utmost helpful for my preparation .I express my gratitude to all faculty member who consolidate the content and then make it (mindmap).

aniket rajput Avatar
aniket rajput

Now i dont worry about making a consolidated notes on current issues by reading several newspaper. Moreover mindmaps have been a relief.

ritesh Kumar Avatar
ritesh Kumar

for last moment or in a rush, the mind-maps are panacea for revision. one can utilize each second through this interesting site....

Aadil Mandori Avatar
Aadil Mandori

very comprehensive coverage of current affairs article, while newspaper editorials are found discussing on single side of issue,

santhan kumar asa Avatar
santhan kumar asa

Good as per static concepts concerned..but it will be great if current issues and various committee reports are included.

Uday Avatar

It's good and effective.
I am only relying on the iasexpress, iam not referring any other sources for preparation.

Bharat M Avatar
Bharat M

I have been following IASExp since a year and your work is phenomenal. Thank you and keep providing good content!

Arjun Singh Gurjar Avatar
Arjun Singh Gurjar

These Mind maps are really helpful when it comes to revision , Enhances our Recall power , Nicely organized.

Ias Express Avatar
Ias Express

This is the best purchase i've ever made, things are so simplified categorized, helps me a lot in revision

Dhruv K. Patel  Avatar
Dhruv K. Patel

Can improve more by including more analysis on some topics, otherwise great initiative and efforts

Kinshuk Chandra Das Avatar
Kinshuk Chandra Das

Very good for ias preparation.Best platform for ias preparation.Highliy recommend.Cost effective.

Sanjana A R Avatar
Sanjana A R

Excellent initiative by the team! Short, crisp and precise mindmaps. Very helpful for revision.

Janani R Avatar
Janani R

Only thing I'm unsatisfied is one current affair article per day. Please make it to atleast 5.

Shubham Akash Avatar
Shubham Akash

A vast optional made easy to understand through mind mapping at an affordable price. Kudos 👌

Aadil Mandori Avatar
Aadil Mandori

Brahmastra for current affairs specially for mains, join without thinking,u won't regret

All Secret  Avatar
All Secret

You done well......
Keep it up guys......
I left all my books
Switch only your contents

soumya Avatar

Keep going , your hardwork and content providing for us is important and very helpful


I wanted to thank you for the mindmaps as they have been very useful while studying.

hacker Avatar

Nice but a little more diagrams and added notes will go a step further. Kudos!

Ria yadav Avatar
Ria yadav

Commendable efforts..Thank You so much for making upsc preparation so simple..


It is very easy and understandable and easy to grasp and memorize effectively

Babai Mukherjee Avatar
Babai Mukherjee

Excellent effort but please upload the remaining topics as early as possible


Very good and helpful mindmaps for better learning and revision. Thanks.

Parvejalam Shaikh  Avatar
Parvejalam Shaikh

It is Awesome as the keywords will help to revise fast before the exam.

Kumar Alok Avatar
Kumar Alok

Most of the contents are comprehensively covered. Saves a lot of time.

Anonymous Avatar

Innovative, simple, and qualitative. But there is no download feature.

Sourav Jha Avatar
Sourav Jha

Easy to revise all topics and easy to learn.thank you so much 🙏

biman roy Avatar
biman roy

Notes are really good. But please complete the syllabus soon.

Nivas Krishna Avatar
Nivas Krishna

Saves lot of time for Mains. Current updation is very apt.

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