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  • Paper 1 Notes & Mindmaps
  • Paper 2 Notes & Mindmaps
  • Add your own notes, bookmark, and dark mode options.
  • Offline/Lifetime Access: With PLUS membership, you can open the content online once = you can access it offline later (works even after expiry as long as you don’t delete cache of our website/app).
  • Mindmap Printout: With PLUS, you can see a print icon on the Mindmap and you can use it to take print out. CLICK4SAMPLE
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What is a Mindmap

Mindmaps are a visual way to represent ideas and concepts, helping to structure information and promote better understanding, recall, and generation of new ideas. Here’s how mindmaps wil benefit you:

  1. Improved Memory and Recall: Mindmaps help you remember and recall information more effectively by presenting it in a visually appealing and organized manner.
  2. Easier Learning of New Concepts: By connecting related concepts and facilitating meaningful learning, mindmaps make it easier for you to grasp and retain new information.
  3. Increased Engagement: Mindmaps make learning more engaging by encouraging deep interactions with content and promoting creativity.
  4. Simplification of Complex Ideas: Mindmaps break down complex relationships and ideas into smaller, more manageable parts, making them easier to understand and process.
  5. Boosted Creativity: The non-linear structure of mindmaps encourages creative thinking and problem-solving, allowing you to explore new ideas and connections.

Features of this course

  1. Paper 1 Notes & Mindmaps
  2. Paper 2 Notes & Mindmaps
  3. Other features: dark mode, add your notes, bookmark, offline access, 2 simultaneous logins.
  4. Offline access: Open a module once with the internet and it can be opened again without the internet for later reference. Works with 1 year/more subscriptions.

Referred Sources

Paper I

  1. W. T. Stace: A Critical History of Greek Philosophy (Plato and Aristotle).
  2. Copleston: A History of Philosophy (Relevant Chapters from volume I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX & XI).
  3. Anthony Kenny: A New History of Western Philosophy. OUP Oxford.
  4. Datta & Chatterjee: An Introduction to Indian Philosophy. Rupa Publishing.
  5. C. D. Sharma: A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy. MLBD.
  6. Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy.
  7. Internet

Paper II

  1. John Hick: Philosophy of Religion.
  2. Michael B. Wilkinson: Philosophy of Religion: An Introduction.
  3. O. P. Gauba: Social & Political Philosophy.
  4. Political Theory, An Introduction. Edited By Rajeev Bhargava & Ashok Acharya.
  5. Oxford Dictionary of Politics.
  6. Internet

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  1. Anand (verified owner)

    IAS Express Courses are nice for the revision of the whole syllabus of GS and Optional in mindmaps form.
    Thank you IAS Express team for your wonderful initiative.

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