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  1. Paper 1 Mindmap Notes [Click4Samples]
  2. Paper 2 Mindmap Notes [Click4Samples]
  3. Related current affairs (with quick revision mindmaps)
  4. Optional study group
  5. Other features: dark mode, add your notes, bookmark


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What is a Mindmap

  • A mind map can turn a long list of boring information into a colourful, memorable and highly organized diagram that works in line with your brain’s natural way of doing things.
  • A mind map is hierarchical and reflects relationships among pieces of the whole.
  • Whenever you make notes from books or newspapers, instead of writing paragraphs or bullet points, you can make a mind map for the big-picture analysis and better recall.
  • How to make a mind map?
    • Step 1: Write the main concept at the centre of the page.
    • Step 2: Write sub-topics around the main concept and link them together.
    • Step 3: Write the key points under each-subtopics.
    • Step 4: Mark relationship (if any) between different points in the mind map.
Click to Zoom.
  • Above is the example mind map from our article on the statue of unity issue. Here,
    • Statue of unity – the Main concept
    • Why in news? Who is Patel? Etc – Sub-topics
    • Then the nodes that branch out from sub-topics are key points.

What you will get after purchasing History optional subscription?

With History(Optional) subscription, you can access:

Features of this course

  • In-depth but easy to learn/revise through interactive & hierarchical mindmaps
  • Remember concepts for long-term
  • Add your own notes
  • Linkage with current affairs gives you updated info right away
  • Adhered to syllabus & previous year question patterns


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Referred Sources

Standard sources like NCERT, Ignou, Upinder Singh, R.S.Sharma, Romila Thapar, Satish Chandra, etc + Internet.

Things to Note

Things to note:

  • No PDF/Offline mode: All contents can be accessed via our website/app only.
  • Number of devices: 2 simultaneous device logins (PC/Tablet/Mobile) are allowed per user account for all subscriptions.


3 reviews for History (Optional) Subscription

  1. Soham (verified owner)

    Excellent material. As I’ve gone through at least 2 standard books and 2 standard materials (of leading history faculties) for History optional I can safely say that this looks self-sufficient to learn, revise and retain. A big Thanks to the entire team, you’re innovative and about to bring a revolution in this field. Advance congratulations on that. Have seen many faulty mind maps, but yours are well researched and error-free. Definitely going to recommend this platform to other aspirants. While writing the review I felt that it was going to sound promotional but still I continued to do so because this platform deserves to be promoted. Best Wishes.

  2. Rupak Kumar (verified owner)

    Such an innovative way of providing content for History optional. These are quite comprehensive and at the same time provide in depth understanding. The best part is that, these are not bulky as compared to other sources available in the market and at the same time these are affordable.
    Thank you so much IAS express team for providing quality notes

  3. Siraj (verified owner)

    I have been using these mindmaps for 2 years for my gs papers and now I have purchased history optional. I really felt the need after reading reference books that I should remember concepts. So by clicking the open option it guesses first that will I be right or wrong for a particular concept one of the best things to remember as it gives little pressure to the brain to remind what we have read. I request all to use these mindmaps for concept clearing and remembering the important points.

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