[Newsbits] 9.03.2024 – INS Jatayu, National Creators Award, Dogleg Maneuver & More

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/ Awards & Honors
National Creators Award mind map
Initiated by
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Celebrate India's Digital Creator Economy
Spotlight diverse voices and talents
Foster innovation and creativity
Recent News
First-of-its-kind award for Gen Z
Targets digital creators and influencers
Announcement Date
10 Feb 2024
Nomination Period
Start Date
10th Feb 2024
End Date
29th Feb 2024
Acknowledge transformative power of creator economy
Recognize exceptional creativity and innovation
Best Storyteller Award
Disruptor of the Year
Celebrity Creator of the Year
Green Champion Award
Best Creator For Social Change
Most Impactful Agri Creator
Cultural Ambassador of The Year
International Creator Award
Best Travel Creator Award
Swachhta Ambassador Award
The New India Champion Award
Tech Creator Award
Heritage Fashion Icon Award
Most Creative Creator (Male & Female)
Best Creator in Food Category
Best Creator in Education Category
Best Creator in Gaming Category
Best Micro Creator
Best Nano Creator
Best Health and Fitness Creator
Eligibility Criteria
Age Requirement
18 years or above
Nationality and Residency
19 categories for Indian nationals
1 for international creators
Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
English or any Indian language
Nomination Limits
Self-nominate in up to 3 categories
Nominate others in all 20 categories
MyGov India
Target Audience
Gen Z
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Lauds initiative
Highlights opportunity for creator community
Selection Process
Public voting
Jury review
Expected Outcomes
Inspire and celebrate digital media's transformative potential
Provide visibility and recognition for digital creators
Encourage collaboration and networking
Encourage creators to leverage platforms for greater good
Boosts India's digital economy
Promotes local culture and tourism
Drives social impact

The National Creators Award, initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a pioneering initiative aimed at celebrating the digital creator economy in India. It focuses on recognizing the diverse voices and talents that contribute to India’s growth, cultural narrative, and innovation in the digital sphere. The award features an array of categories that highlight different areas of excellence, from storytelling and social change advocacy to technology and environmental sustainability. It targets the Gen Z demographic, acknowledging the significant impact and creative innovation brought by digital influencers and creators across various digital platforms. The selection process includes nominations, public voting, and jury review, aiming to spotlight creators who drive positive change, promote local culture, and boost tourism, thereby contributing to India’s digital economy and social impact​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Integrated Command and Control Center for Agriculture (ICCCA) mind map
Recent News
80 Integrated Command and Control Centres (ICCCs) set up
Part of Smart Cities Mission
Announced by Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister
Smart Cities Mission launched
June 25, 2015
Cities selected over
2016 to 2018
Initial deadline for first 20 smart cities
Extended deadline
To develop self-sustainable urban settlements
Improve urban development process
Focus areas
Construction of walkways
Pedestrian crossings
Cycling tracks
Efficient waste-management systems
Integrated traffic management
Various indices to track urban development
Ease of Living Index
Municipal Performance Index
City GDP framework
Climate-Smart Cities assessment framework
Integrated Command and Control Centre
Monitors status of various amenities in real time
Initially aimed at
Water and power supply
Traffic movement
Integrated building management
City connectivity and Internet infrastructure
Evolved to monitor various other parameters
Linked to CCTNS network
Acts as nerve centre for operations management
100 cities across India
Part of Smart Cities Mission
Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister announced
Nodal point for smart services in a smart city
Setting up ICCCs in each smart city
Monitors amenities in real time
Uses data science and visualization
Data science
Focuses on specific data analytics questions
Answers specific questions with predictions and forecasts
Data visualization
Creates visual representations of abstract data
Makes data accessible for quick decisions
Improved business agility and productivity
Lower cost of operations
Improved operational competence
Seamless workflow
Proactive and responsive management
Built-in intelligence
AI and ML for automated data processing
Digital divide impacting citizen engagement in smart cities
Technological preparedness in pandemic management
Way Forward
Assessing current maturity level of ICCCs
Identifying and addressing gaps
Enhancing effectiveness of citizen services

The Integrated Command and Control Center for Agriculture represents a critical component of India’s Smart Cities Mission, aimed at developing self-sustainable urban areas with a focus on real-time monitoring of various amenities. These centers are part of a broader initiative to transform urban development, enhance operational efficiency, and improve the quality of life. They employ data science and visualization to manage and make sense of large data sets, driving decisions that impact day-to-day city operations and business productivity. While these centers have significant advantages, such as increased productivity and reduced operational costs, they also face challenges like the digital divide and the need for improved technological preparedness for crises like pandemics. Future directions include maturity assessments to optimize investments and enhance the effectiveness of services provided to citizens​​​.

/ Awards & Honors
India's President’s Standard and President’s Colours Awards mind map
Recent News
On March 8, 2024, President Droupadi Murmu 
the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces
presented these awards
First awarded to Indian Navy in May 1951
Army and Air Force followed
Acknowledgment of meritorious service
Highest honour for military units
Design based on Commonwealth heavy cavalry regiments
Gold fringe
Unit badge
Battle honours
Based on Indian Naval Ensign design
Unique features
Golden elephant
St. George's Cross
National motto and emblem
Air Force
Sky blue colour
Includes squadron or unit heraldic arms
Recognized battle honours
Awarded across all branches of Indian Armed Forces
Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of India (President)
Ceremony of presentation
History and heritage
Commitment to duty
Selection criteria stringency
Maintaining standards
Way Forward
Continual evolution of design
Strengthening traditions while embracing modernity

The President’s Standard and President’s Colours awards are among the highest honors bestowed upon military units in India, recognizing their exemplary service. These awards symbolize unity, excellence, and commitment to duty, reflecting the rich heritage and valor of the Indian Armed Forces. The ceremony involves the presentation of a unique flag, embodying the unit’s identity, achievements, and the national emblem, along with the motto “Satyamev Jayate” (Truth Alone Triumphs). Over the years, these awards have evolved in design to incorporate elements that reflect India’s maritime heritage and the values of power, courage, confidence, and pride, underlining the forces’ readiness to protect and serve the nation with steadfastness and clarity of vision​​​​​​.

/ China, Maldives
Maldives-China Agreement for Acquiring Non-Lethal Equipment mind map
Recent News
Maldives signs agreement with China
For non-lethal military equipment
And training
Enhance technical capacity of MNDF
Boost country's defense independence and sovereignty
Non-lethal military equipment
Includes tear gas, pepper spray
Training for MNDF personnel
Provided free of charge
Agreement signed in Maldives
Defense Minister Mohammed Ghassan Maumoon
Represented Maldives
Major General Zhang Baoqun
Deputy Director of the Office for International Military Cooperation
Represented China
President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu
Revealed the agreement
Signed during President Muizzu's campaign tour
Part of efforts to strengthen military relations
Enhances MNDF's technical capacity
Strengthens Maldives' independence and sovereignty
Marks closer ties with China
Concerns over increasing military relations with China
Questions about impact on regional dynamics
Way Forward
Implementation of the agreement
Continued military and diplomatic engagement with China
Monitoring of regional response and adjustments as necessary

The agreement between Maldives and China to acquire non-lethal military equipment and training marks a significant development in the defense and diplomatic relations between the two nations. This agreement aims to enhance the technical capacity of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) by providing various forms of non-lethal military equipment like tear gas and pepper spray, free of charge, alongside offering training opportunities. The initiative reflects the Maldives’ efforts to bolster its defense capabilities while maintaining its sovereignty and independence. The agreement was signed by key figures from both nations, emphasizing the growing ties between Maldives and China. This move has also sparked discussions on its broader implications for regional security and dynamics, especially in light of Maldives’ strategic importance in the Indian Ocean​​​​.

2023 Deadliest Year for Migrants: UN-IOM mind map
Recent News
2023 marked as deadliest year
At least 8,565 deaths documented
20 percent increase compared to 2022
Report published in March 2024
Dangerous migration routes
Insufficient safe, regular migration pathways
Missing Migrants Project by IOM
Documents deaths and disappearances
Indian context not specified
Global issue with focus areas
US-Mexico border
Central and Eastern Mediterranean
Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
UN migration agency
Michele Klein Solomon
IOM’s Regional Director for Central and North America and the Caribbean
Marcelo Pisani
IOM Regional Director for South America
Amy Pope
IOM's Director General
Enhancing data collection
Advocating for safe, regular migration routes
Highlighting urgent need for action
Lack of proper data for many deaths
Over 42 percent increase in deaths in the Caribbean
141 documented deaths in Darien Gap
Way Forward
Collaborative, comprehensive, and regional approach
Invest in sustainable development
Reform international financial system

In 2023, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) documented a tragic milestone, declaring it the deadliest year on record for migrants with at least 8,565 deaths. This number represents a 20% increase from the previous year, underscoring the perilous conditions faced by individuals attempting to cross borders in search of a better life. The report highlights the dire need for comprehensive strategies to ensure safer migration pathways and stresses the importance of enhanced data collection to better understand and address the challenges faced by migrants. The situation calls for international collaboration to create sustainable and regular migration routes, aiming to prevent further loss of life and to tackle the root causes of irregular migration​​​​.

INS Jatayu mind map
Recent News:
Commissioned: March 6, 2024
Location: Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep
Counter China's Influence: In Indian Ocean
Secure Maritime Routes: Fight piracy, monitor Chinese Navy activities
Enhance Regional Security: Near Maldives
Naval Air Station:
Named after birds: Like Garuda, Parundu, etc.
INS Jatayu: Symbolizes eventual use as Naval Air Station
Constraints: Limited land, densely populated
Military Capabilities Enhanced:
MH-60R Helicopters: Anti-submarine, maritime surveillance
Future Expansion: For all fighter jets and aircraft
Counterpart: To INS Baaz in Andaman and Nicobar
Minicoy Island: Southernmost in Lakshadweep, near Nine Degree Channel
Near Maldives: 130 km from northernmost island
Indian Navy: Operational enhancement
Naming Inspiration: Jatayu from Ramayana
Operational Reach Increase: Anti-piracy, anti-narcotics operations
First Responder Role: In Western Arabian Sea
Connectivity Augmentation: With mainland
Strategic Presence: In Indian Ocean Region
Independent Naval Unit: With infrastructure and resources
Surveillance and Security: Enhance maritime operability
Land Availability: For large-scale military facility
Diplomatic Relations: With neighboring countries
Way Forward:
Ramping up Facilities: To accommodate frontline fighters
Operational Capability Enhancement: In islands

The Indian Navy has inaugurated INS Jatayu on Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep, marking a strategic expansion of India’s maritime security capabilities near the Maldives. This base, commissioned to counter China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean, signifies India’s efforts to secure maritime routes, fight piracy, and enhance regional security. INS Jatayu, drawing its name from a noble bird in the epic Ramayana, is part of a series of naval air stations named after birds, signifying the base’s future role as a Naval Air Station with limited space due to the island’s geography. It will host MH-60R helicopters, enhancing anti-submarine and maritime surveillance capabilities, with plans to expand for all classes of fighter jets and aircraft. This move boosts the operational reach of the Indian Navy, particularly in anti-piracy and anti-narcotics operations, and solidifies India’s strategic presence in the Indian Ocean Region​​​​​​​​​​​​.

/ Space
ISRO's New Spaceport and Dogleg Maneuver mind map
Recent News
ISRO launches Rohini Sounding Rocket from new spaceport
February 28, 13:40 hrs IST
Kulasekarapattinam, Tamil Nadu
VSSC provides rocket and payload
SDSC oversees launch facilities
Foundation laid on February 28, 2024
Enhance satellite launch capabilities
Specifically for small satellites
New Spaceport
Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu
Sprawls over 2,233 acres
Launchpads for ISRO missions
Polar orbits focus
Operational in two years
Rs 950 crore
Dogleg Maneuver
Sharp turn in rocket's trajectory
Avoids flying over Sri Lanka
Saves fuel, enhances payload capacity
Relevant for
PSLV launches from Sriharikota
Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV)
Direct southward trajectory from new spaceport
Villages of Padukkapathu, Pallakurichi, Mathavankurichi in Kulasekarapattinam, Sathankulam taluks
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC)
Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC)
Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station
Launching SSLVs from Kulasekarapattinam
Direct southward launches
Avoids Sri Lankan airspace
SSLVs for small satellites
Creating Space Industrial and Propellants Park
Near Kulasekarapattinam
Support SSLV manufacturing and assembly
Geographical advantages for space exploration
Fuel savings and more efficient launches
Boosts India's presence in global small satellite market
Generates employment and spurs development in Kulasekarapattinam
SSLV value affected by fuel requirements for dogleg maneuver from Sriharikota
Size of proposed spaceport and exclusive economic zones constraints
Way Forward
Full launch center dedication for SSLV launches by the private sector

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is set to enhance its satellite launch capabilities with the development of a new spaceport in Kulasekarapattinam, Tamil Nadu. This move comes in response to the challenges posed by the dogleg maneuver, a trajectory alteration required for launches from the existing spaceport in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, to avoid flying over Sri Lanka. The dogleg maneuver, while necessary for ensuring the safety and efficiency of satellite launches, consumes additional fuel and limits payload capacity. The new spaceport, sprawling over 2,233 acres and costing Rs 950 crore, is strategically located to offer direct southward trajectories, eliminating the need for the dogleg maneuver and promising more efficient launches, especially for Small Satellite Launch Vehicles (SSLVs). This significant development not only aims to bolster India’s capabilities in space exploration but also to foster growth and generate employment in the coastal town of Kulasekarapattinam​​​​​​​​​​​​.

India by the Creek: Festival Celebrating Dubai-India Ties mind map
Recent News
March 8-10, 2024
Al Seef Park, Dubai
March 8-10, 2024
Deep historical connections
Dynamic tourism relationship
Cultural affinity
Robust economic ties
Dubai Duty-Free
Consulate General of India, Dubai
Teamwork Arts
Support from
Dubai Economy and Tourism
Khaleej Times
Free Admission
For everyone
Al Seef Park, Dubai
Satish Kumar Sivan
Consul General of India in Dubai
Special relationship transcends trade
Culture, diversity, tolerance anchor bond
Purushottam Agarwal
Academic, Writer
Malini Awasthi
Navdeep Suri
Former diplomat, Writer
Sonam Kalra
Indian Ocean
Cultural Event
Vision for curated cultural event
Teamwork Arts Experience
Over 33 festivals
In 72 cities across 26 countries
Significance for Dubai Duty-Free
India as number one market
Deeper Connections
Between India and Dubai
Annual Cultural Highlight
On cultural calendar
Way Forward
More exchanges in the future

The “India by the Creek” festival, taking place from March 8-10, 2024, at Al Seef Park in Dubai, is a cultural extravaganza celebrating the deep-rooted ties and historical connections between Dubai and India. Organized by Dubai Duty-Free in collaboration with the Consulate General of India in Dubai and Teamwork Arts, and supported by Dubai Economy and Tourism and Khaleej Times, this event aims to showcase the vibrant cultures of both regions. Admission is free for all attendees. Key figures like Satish Kumar Sivan, the Consul General of India in Dubai, highlighted the unique relationship that transcends trade and commerce, emphasizing culture, diversity, and tolerance. The festival will feature notable participants from India, including academics, writers, musicians, and bands like Indian Ocean, promising a lively ambiance with performances from afternoon till night. The event not only aims to forge deeper connections between India and Dubai but also hopes to become an annual highlight on the cultural calendar, setting the stage for more such exchanges in the future​​​​.

/ Public Finance
India's Offer-for-Sale (OFS) Route in Disinvestment mind map
Recent News
SAIL Offer-For-Sale
Kick-off date
December 5
Over-subscribed by more than two times
Retail participation
Accounted for 2.6 times over-subscription
LIC acquired over 72% of shares
Representing over 3% stake
Over Rs 1,700 crore for government
Limited from private and foreign institutional investors
Government-owned financial institutions played major role
Divest 7% Stake in NLC India
march 8, 2024
Introduced in 2012
To achieve minimum public shareholding norms
Mandated by SEBI
Promoter holdings not to exceed 75%
Strategic Disinvestment Policy 2015-20
Key pillars
Minority stake sale
Strategic Disinvestment with management control transfer
Minority Stake Sale
Government retains control over management
Historically auctioned to institutions or public
Strategic Disinvestment
Sale of substantial government shareholding
Along with management control transfer
Applied to Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)
Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)
Major participant in OFS
Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
Regulatory body for OFS
Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM)
Oversees disinvestment processes
Auctioned to institutions or offloaded to public
Priced attractively with meaningful discounts
Reduces fiscal load on exchequer
Improves efficiency and competitiveness of PSUs
Promotes private sector ownership and market-oriented approach
Increases transparency and accountability
Resistance from political parties and labor organizations
PSUs may not compete successfully due to bureaucratic structure
Potential for labor-related issues
Valuation and market competition challenges
Regulatory and legal complexities
Way Forward
Strategic planning in announcing disinvestments
Pricing strategy to attract more private buyers
Managing supply and demand dynamics for better valuations

The Offer-for-Sale (OFS) route in disinvestment refers to a method by which the Indian government sells its stake in public sector undertakings (PSUs) to reduce its shareholding, aiming to meet public shareholding norms set by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Initiated in 2012, OFS is utilized to facilitate government’s disinvestment objectives, including reducing its fiscal burden and making PSUs more autonomous by decreasing government influence. It focuses on minority stake sales where the government retains control post-sale, and strategic disinvestments leading to the transfer of management control. Despite its potential for improving PSU efficiency and market competitiveness, the OFS route faces challenges like limited interest from private and foreign institutional investors, valuation complexities, and resistance from political and labor groups. Enhancing the strategic planning of disinvestment announcements, ensuring attractive pricing, and addressing supply-demand dynamics are crucial steps forward​​​​.

/ Women
Jharkhand Introduces India’s First Widow Remarriage Incentive Scheme mind map
Recent News
Launched on March 6, 2024
March 6, 2024
To bring widows into the mainstream
To allow them to live with dignity
To enhance their contribution to society
Financial support for widows who remarry
Rs 2 lakh given to a widow who remarries
Application process
Widows can apply within one year of remarriage
Required documents
Marriage registration certificate
Rs 2 Lakhs credited to the widow's account upon approval
Jharkhand, India
Launched by
Chief Minister Champai Soren
Managed by
Jharkhand Women and Child and Social Welfare Department
Secretary Manoj Kumar
By providing financial incentives
By encouraging social acceptance of widow remarriage
Empowers widows
Promotes societal inclusiveness
Financial support for a new beginning
Social stigma and challenges in acceptance of remarriage
Way Forward
Raising awareness
Encouraging more inclusive policies

The Jharkhand government launched India’s first Widow Remarriage Incentive Scheme on March 6, 2024, aiming to mainstream widows and enhance their dignity through financial support. This pioneering initiative, spearheaded by Chief Minister Champai Soren and detailed by Manoj Kumar, Secretary of the Jharkhand Women and Child and Social Welfare Department, offers Rs 2 lakh to widows who choose to remarry, promoting social acceptance and providing a substantial incentive for a fresh start in life​​​​.

/ Governance
Neengal Nalama Beneficiary Outreach Programme mind map
Recent News
Launch Date
March 6, 2024
Tamil Nadu
Launched on March 6, 2024
To review flagship schemes
To address public grievances
Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Department Heads, Secretaries, District Collectors
Will contact people
To assess benefit from various schemes
To identify bottlenecks
Feedback mechanism
To improve services based on public feedback
Feedback to be uploaded on scheme website
Financial allocation
Emphasis on efficient use of funds
Ensure benefits reach citizens
Launched by
M K Stalin, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
Residents of Tamil Nadu
Recipients of government schemes
Via video conference
Launch of scheme website
Interaction with beneficiaries
Enhanced public welfare
Efficient resource allocation
Direct feedback mechanism
Transparency in governance
Opposition Critique
Allegations of halted welfare schemes
Concerns over law, order, and narcotics availability
Financial crunch
Implementation amidst severe fund shortage
Way Forward
Continuous evaluation
Expanding outreach
Addressing identified challenges

The “Neengal Nalama” Beneficiary Outreach Programme is a recent initiative by the Tamil Nadu government, launched by Chief Minister M.K. Stalin on March 6, 2024. This program aims to review the implementation of the state’s flagship schemes and address public grievances directly. It involves high-level officials, including the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Department Heads, Secretaries, and District Collectors, who will contact the public to understand their experiences with various government schemes and identify any bottlenecks.

This direct feedback mechanism is designed to improve public welfare services and ensure that the financial allocations for these schemes are used efficiently, ensuring that every penny reaches the intended beneficiaries. The launch signifies a move towards more transparent and responsive governance, aiming to lift every family in Tamil Nadu.

However, the initiative has faced critique from opposition leaders, who have raised concerns about halted welfare schemes, law and order, and the availability of narcotics. Additionally, the program is launched amidst a financial crunch, emphasizing the need for efficient use of funds even more.

The “Neengal Nalama” programme represents an innovative step towards improving government services and ensuring that the benefits of government schemes reach their intended recipients, despite facing challenges related to opposition critique and financial constraints.

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