National Creators Award

National Creators Award mind map
Initiated by
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Celebrate India's Digital Creator Economy
Spotlight diverse voices and talents
Foster innovation and creativity
Recent News
First-of-its-kind award for Gen Z
Targets digital creators and influencers
Announcement Date
10 Feb 2024
Nomination Period
Start Date
10th Feb 2024
End Date
29th Feb 2024
Acknowledge transformative power of creator economy
Recognize exceptional creativity and innovation
Best Storyteller Award
Disruptor of the Year
Celebrity Creator of the Year
Green Champion Award
Best Creator For Social Change
Most Impactful Agri Creator
Cultural Ambassador of The Year
International Creator Award
Best Travel Creator Award
Swachhta Ambassador Award
The New India Champion Award
Tech Creator Award
Heritage Fashion Icon Award
Most Creative Creator (Male & Female)
Best Creator in Food Category
Best Creator in Education Category
Best Creator in Gaming Category
Best Micro Creator
Best Nano Creator
Best Health and Fitness Creator
Eligibility Criteria
Age Requirement
18 years or above
Nationality and Residency
19 categories for Indian nationals
1 for international creators
Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
English or any Indian language
Nomination Limits
Self-nominate in up to 3 categories
Nominate others in all 20 categories
MyGov India
Target Audience
Gen Z
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Lauds initiative
Highlights opportunity for creator community
Selection Process
Public voting
Jury review
Expected Outcomes
Inspire and celebrate digital media's transformative potential
Provide visibility and recognition for digital creators
Encourage collaboration and networking
Encourage creators to leverage platforms for greater good
Boosts India's digital economy
Promotes local culture and tourism
Drives social impact

The National Creators Award, initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a pioneering initiative aimed at celebrating the digital creator economy in India. It focuses on recognizing the diverse voices and talents that contribute to India’s growth, cultural narrative, and innovation in the digital sphere. The award features an array of categories that highlight different areas of excellence, from storytelling and social change advocacy to technology and environmental sustainability. It targets the Gen Z demographic, acknowledging the significant impact and creative innovation brought by digital influencers and creators across various digital platforms. The selection process includes nominations, public voting, and jury review, aiming to spotlight creators who drive positive change, promote local culture, and boost tourism, thereby contributing to India’s digital economy and social impact​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

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