2023 Deadliest Year for Migrants: UN-IOM

2023 Deadliest Year for Migrants: UN-IOM mind map
Recent News
2023 marked as deadliest year
At least 8,565 deaths documented
20 percent increase compared to 2022
Report published in March 2024
Dangerous migration routes
Insufficient safe, regular migration pathways
Missing Migrants Project by IOM
Documents deaths and disappearances
Indian context not specified
Global issue with focus areas
US-Mexico border
Central and Eastern Mediterranean
Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
UN migration agency
Michele Klein Solomon
IOM’s Regional Director for Central and North America and the Caribbean
Marcelo Pisani
IOM Regional Director for South America
Amy Pope
IOM's Director General
Enhancing data collection
Advocating for safe, regular migration routes
Highlighting urgent need for action
Lack of proper data for many deaths
Over 42 percent increase in deaths in the Caribbean
141 documented deaths in Darien Gap
Way Forward
Collaborative, comprehensive, and regional approach
Invest in sustainable development
Reform international financial system

In 2023, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) documented a tragic milestone, declaring it the deadliest year on record for migrants with at least 8,565 deaths. This number represents a 20% increase from the previous year, underscoring the perilous conditions faced by individuals attempting to cross borders in search of a better life. The report highlights the dire need for comprehensive strategies to ensure safer migration pathways and stresses the importance of enhanced data collection to better understand and address the challenges faced by migrants. The situation calls for international collaboration to create sustainable and regular migration routes, aiming to prevent further loss of life and to tackle the root causes of irregular migration​​​​.

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