Integrated Command and Control Center for Agriculture

Integrated Command and Control Center for Agriculture (ICCCA) mind map
Recent News
80 Integrated Command and Control Centres (ICCCs) set up
Part of Smart Cities Mission
Announced by Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister
Smart Cities Mission launched
June 25, 2015
Cities selected over
2016 to 2018
Initial deadline for first 20 smart cities
Extended deadline
To develop self-sustainable urban settlements
Improve urban development process
Focus areas
Construction of walkways
Pedestrian crossings
Cycling tracks
Efficient waste-management systems
Integrated traffic management
Various indices to track urban development
Ease of Living Index
Municipal Performance Index
City GDP framework
Climate-Smart Cities assessment framework
Integrated Command and Control Centre
Monitors status of various amenities in real time
Initially aimed at
Water and power supply
Traffic movement
Integrated building management
City connectivity and Internet infrastructure
Evolved to monitor various other parameters
Linked to CCTNS network
Acts as nerve centre for operations management
100 cities across India
Part of Smart Cities Mission
Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister announced
Nodal point for smart services in a smart city
Setting up ICCCs in each smart city
Monitors amenities in real time
Uses data science and visualization
Data science
Focuses on specific data analytics questions
Answers specific questions with predictions and forecasts
Data visualization
Creates visual representations of abstract data
Makes data accessible for quick decisions
Improved business agility and productivity
Lower cost of operations
Improved operational competence
Seamless workflow
Proactive and responsive management
Built-in intelligence
AI and ML for automated data processing
Digital divide impacting citizen engagement in smart cities
Technological preparedness in pandemic management
Way Forward
Assessing current maturity level of ICCCs
Identifying and addressing gaps
Enhancing effectiveness of citizen services

The Integrated Command and Control Center for Agriculture represents a critical component of India’s Smart Cities Mission, aimed at developing self-sustainable urban areas with a focus on real-time monitoring of various amenities. These centers are part of a broader initiative to transform urban development, enhance operational efficiency, and improve the quality of life. They employ data science and visualization to manage and make sense of large data sets, driving decisions that impact day-to-day city operations and business productivity. While these centers have significant advantages, such as increased productivity and reduced operational costs, they also face challenges like the digital divide and the need for improved technological preparedness for crises like pandemics. Future directions include maturity assessments to optimize investments and enhance the effectiveness of services provided to citizens​​​.

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