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Dairy Sector in India – Evolution, Challenges and Way Forward

The first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic was a huge blow to the Indian economy but the effects of the second wave are no less. Given all the sectors of the economy suffering, it has become quite difficult for the dairy sector to thrive. In the Indian farm-dependent population comprising cultivators and agricultural labourers, those involved in dairying and livestock constitute 70 million. Milk production provides great support to farmers. However, given the nature of production and sale of milk in India, milk producers are highly susceptible to even minor shocks as the demand for milk and milk products are sensitive to changes in the employment and income of consumers. The second wave of the pandemic has posed a heavy blow to the dairy sector in India. With various issues plaguing the sector, the pandemic has made the milk producers face an unprecedented livelihood crisis. It is time that the issues are looked into and a lasting solution is reached.

Feminisation of Agriculture – Challenges and Way Ahead

The pandemic-led health and socio-economic crisis have hit women and girls in a disproportionate fashion, leading to increased feminisation of poverty, domestic work, work burden as well as a spike in domestic violence. At the same time, it has also caused a boost in the feminisation of agriculture, making rural women play a critical role in providing household income. This presents an unmissable opportunity for the economic empowerment of women, which has the potential to remove all structural barriers hampering gender equality within India.

Climate Smart Agriculture in India – Benefits and Key Initiatives

India’s agricultural sector has seen a considerable threat from climate change and it directly impacts the daily lives of farmers. A study found that climate change could have contributed to the deaths of more than 50,000 farmers or farm workers over the last 30 years. Thus the efforts to make agriculture resilient to climate must be increased and sustained in order to avoid the impacts of a warming world.

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such type of mind maps are much better and clear and easy to understand …please continue like this