World Happiness Report 2024

World Happiness Report 2024 mind map
Recent News
Comprehensive picture of happiness across generations
USA falls out of top 20
First time since 2012
Large drop in wellbeing of Americans under 30
Afghanistan remains bottom
Separate rankings by age group
Lithuania tops for under 30s
Denmark happiest for those 60 and older
Generational happiness varies
Before 1965 happier than post-1980
Millennials' life satisfaction decreases with age
Boomers' life satisfaction increases with age
Explaining differences
GDP, life expectancy, social support
Freedom to make life choices, generosity
Perceptions of corruption
Global happiness rankings vary by age
Focus on different stages of life
Shakespeare’s seven ages of man theme
Curated submissions on happiness theme
Relationship between wellbeing and dementia explored
Large survey in India on older adults' life satisfaction
Wellbeing's impact on reducing dementia risk
India's caste system impact on wellbeing
Released on March 20, 2024
To provide a detailed analysis of global happiness
Insights into happiness across different age groups
Happiness across different age groups
Global trends, challenges, opportunities
Well-being of aging population
Differences in life satisfaction among older adults in India
Data Sources
Gallup World Poll (GWP) for SWB measurements
Editorial Control
WHR Editorial Board
Wellbeing Research Centre at University of Oxford, UK
Global scope with detailed country rankings
John F. Helliwell, Richard Layard, Jeffrey D. Sachs
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Lara B. Aknin, Shun Wang
Gallup, Oxford Wellbeing Research Centre
UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
WHR’s Editorial Board
Annual surveys
Interdisciplinary analysis
Bridges data gaps for effective policymaking
Provides evidence-based planning and policymaking insights
Global scarcity of wellbeing data for children below 15
Way Forward
Policy action needed for drops in children and adolescents' wellbeing
Continued evidence gathering on state of global happiness

The World Happiness Report 2024 takes a comprehensive look at global happiness across different generations, highlighting how happiness varies by age, with significant insights into the well-being of younger and older populations. This year’s report is notable for its detailed exploration of happiness at various life stages, leveraging data from the Gallup World Poll and focusing on factors like GDP, life expectancy, and social support to explain differences in happiness across countries. It also delves into specific issues such as the impact of wellbeing on dementia risk and the effects of India’s caste system on older adults’ happiness. The report is a collaborative effort led by renowned editors and represents a partnership among Gallup, the Oxford Wellbeing Research Centre, and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, now published by the Wellbeing Research Centre at the University of Oxford​.

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