These Value-Added Notes will Help You Save Time and Get More Marks in UPSC Prelims

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If you got a very little amount of time to prepare for UPSC prelims, you can just go through our value-added notes on most-probable topics that are meant to save or use your time productively. If you have already completed the syllabus, you can also read these notes for the eleventh-hour revision. Some of these notes cannot easily be found across the internet or in one place. As the notes are in mindmap format, you can read/revise them very quickly.

In the Current Affairs Mindmaps (prelims),

  • A quick reading of all info with particular focus on following compilations
      • Species (in Environment)
      • Conservation areas (in Environment)
      • Diseases (in National Issues)
      • Space and other tech news (in Sci-tech)
      • Indexes/reports (in Compilations)
      • Schemes/welfare initiatives (in Compilations)
      • Bills/Acts
      • Government organisations (in Compilations)
      • International organisations, groupings and agreements (in compilations) | Static Compilations
      • GI tags (in Compilations)
      • Defence – Missiles, Military exercises, ships (in Compilations)

In Indian Polity Mindmaps

In Indian Culture Mindmaps

In Indian Economy Mindmaps

In Environment Mindmaps

In Modern Indian History

In Geography

Compilations on repeated topics

P.S – If you’ve completed all the above topics, then please go through all the other mindmaps here. All the best!


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