How to Avoid Eye Strain While Reading Digitally for Long Hours

How to read on a screen for long hours without eyestrain

Nowadays, digital sources have become indispensable for UPSC aspirants considering the level of competition the exam has. However, reading digitally for long hours causes eye-strain and fatigue even for persons without any eye problems. This is especially true for those who read with their smart-phones.

This topic of “How to Avoid Eye Strain While Reading Digitally for Long Hours” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

Why is this a problem?

Digital eye strain:

Our eyes are not designed to be exposed to the blue light constantly. The blue UV light emitted by screens reaches deeper into the eye and its cumulative effect can cause damage to the retina. Thus heavy exposure to blue light can cause symptoms of eyestrain, eye fatigue, and dry eyes. In severe cases, it leads to headaches, and blurred vision.

Sleep disruption:

At night, blue light disrupts our circadian rhythm which regulates the sleep-wake cycle and the natural release of sleep hormones called melatonin. The blue light tricks our brain into believing that is day-time, which makes falling asleep even more difficult and reduces our sleep quality.

Productivity loss:

Digital eye strain negatively affects the output and can result in less productivity in terms of reading, revising, and retention of information.

What is the solution?

After researching for hours, I have found this UV protected glasses in amazon that allows you to read on-screen for long hours without any eye strain. I have tested it for over a week and it works really well in blocking out the blue light and preventing eye strain and dry eyes. It also improved my sleep pattern. Here’s why it works:

  1. Blue-light filter: The lens material is made up of hard resin with a unique built-in blue light filter that selectively eliminates certain wavelengths of blue light that causes fatigue and retinal damage while at the same time transmits good blue light that regulates sleep and boosts brain activity.
  2. Anti-glare coating: The anti-glare coating eliminates reflection on the lens surface thus improving vision clarity.

Furthermore, it is affordable, unisex, scratch-resistant, light-weight, and stylish-looking. It has 4 stars review given by 2000+ users.

You can buy this glasses from amazon by clicking the button below. I hope it helps increase your productivity and health. Please do share your feedback in the comment section at the bottom.

Note: we receive a small commission from amazon on your purchase of this product :)

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