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  • C – Central Government
  • S – State Government
  • P – Parliament
  • L – Legislature
  • E – Executive
  • SL – State Legislature
  • SLA – State Legislative Assembly
  • SLC – State Legislative Council
  • CAA – Constitutional Amendment Act
  • CFOI – Consolidated Fund of India
  • CFOS – Consolidated Fund of State
  • BS – Basic Structure  

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Referred Sources

Laxmikanth (Most) – Buy Now

D.D.Basu (Some) – Buy Now

Internet (Some)


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List of Chapters

  1. Historical Background [FREE] 
  2. Constituent Assembly
  3. Features of the Indian Constitution
  4. Preamble
  5. Union and its territory
  6. Citizenship
  7. Fundamental Rights
  8. Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP)
  9. Fundamental Duties
  10. Constitution Amendment 
  11. Parliamentary System
  12. Federal System
  13. Center-State Relations
  14. Inter-State Relations
  15. Emergency Provisions
  16. Special Status of J&K
  17. Special Status of Some States
  18. Central Government
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Prime Minister
    • Council of Ministers
    • Parliament
    • Supreme Court
  19. State Government
    • Governor
    • Chief Ministers
    • State Council of Ministers
    • State Legislature
    • High Court
    • Subordinate Courts
  20. Local Government
    • Panchayat Raj
    • Municipality
  21. Constitutional Bodies
  22. Non-constitutional Bodies
  23. Other Constitutional Dimensions
  24. Order of precedence
  25. Important Constitutional Amendments

Supplementary Notes for Prelims

  1. [Table] Comparison between various posts/bodies with respect to Tenure, Appointment, and Removal
  2. 5 Simple rules to remember the bill lapse in Indian Parliament [FREE]

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Mohanappriya Ravi
Mohanappriya Ravi

Ias express has made easy approach to remember static portion

shweta mishra
shweta mishra

do you have environment mind map…..meaning all the national parks, sanctuaries, reserved forest, all international binding and non binding treaties, protocols, conventions, agreements?


Easy to remember

vikram gosavi
vikram gosavi

is Laxmikant covered at least 80% in this mindmaps sir ?


is static portion are only in mind map or in brief like current articles (mind map+ brief ).
I have read article on sardar Patel in Nov18 magazine it is very good .in history portion have u covered every personality with different dimensions like sardar Patel .

Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar

I want to join but only mind map part plz tell me how I can plzzzzzz sir