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Subsidised Sugar Scheme

Subsidised Sugar Scheme mind map
Recent News
Extension Approved
Till 31 March 2026
By Union Cabinet
Chaired by
Prime Minister Narender Modi
Approved on
1 February 2024
Support Vulnerable Sections
Improving Health
Energy Addition to Diet
Modi ki Guarantee
'Food for All, Nutrition for All'
Subsidy Details
Rs 18.50 per kg
Per month of sugar
Antyodya Anna Yojna (AAY) Families
Via Public Distribution Scheme (PDS)
Benefits Extent
More than Rs 1,850 crore
During 15th Finance Commission
Period 2020-21 to 2025-26
Targeted Families
Approximately 1.89 crore
Additional Government Measures
Free Ration under PM-GKAY
Sale of Bharat Atta, Bharat Dal
Affordable Tomatoes and Onions
Across India
Participating States
Antyodya Anna Yojna (AAY) Families
Responsibility of States
Procurement and Distribution
Distribution Process
One kg per family per month
Through PDS
Economic Support
To Most Vulnerable
Health Improvement
Of Poor Citizens
Comprehensive Food Security
Including Dal, Atta, Sugar

The Subsidised Sugar Scheme, recently extended until March 31, 2026, by the Indian government under Prime Minister Narender Modi, aims to support economically vulnerable sections of society. This scheme provides a subsidy of Rs 18.50 per kg of sugar each month to approximately 1.89 crore families under the Antyodya Anna Yojna (AAY), distributed through the Public Distribution System (PDS). This initiative is part of a broader effort to ensure food and nutritional security for all, aligned with the government’s ‘Modi ki Guarantee’ of ‘Food for All, Nutrition for All’. The scheme not only offers economic support to the poorest citizens but also contributes to their health improvement by ensuring access to essential food items like sugar, dal, and atta at affordable prices.

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