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Launch of the MAHIR initiative


  • MAHIR or Mission on Advanced and High-Impact Research is a national mission to boost research and development in the power sector.
  • 8 main focus areas:
    • Alternatives to Li-ion storage batteries
    • Modification of electric cookers and pans to suit Indian culinary methods
    • Green hydrogen for mobility (high efficiency fuel cells)
    • Carbon capture
    • Geo-thermal energy
    • Solid state refrigeration
    • Indigenous CRGO (cold rolled grain-oriented steel) technology


  • Mission will follow technology life cycle approach, i.e. from idea to product.
  • 2 tier structure:
    • Apex Committee- under Union Minister for Power & New and Renewable Energy
    • Technical Scoping Committee- under Chairperson of Central Electricity Authority
  • Provision of a common platform for:
    • Collective brainstorming
    • Synergetic technology development
    • Devising pathways for smooth tech transfers
  • Quick identification of emerging technologies in the power field.
  • Indigenous development of these technologies, at scale, for deployments, both- within and outside India.
  • Support for pilot projects (especially those by startups) and facilitation of their commercialization
  • Funding will be pooled from the 2 ministries involved in the mission, along with the Central Public Sector Enterprises under these ministries. Additional funding will come from budgetary resources of the government.
  • International alliances and partnerships will be leveraged.


  • Ministry of Power
  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy


  • Initial mission period: from 2023-24 to 2027-28

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