Fast Track Special Courts (FTSCs)

Fast Track Special Courts (FTSCs) Mind Map

The recent extension of Fast Track Special Courts (FTSCs) by the Indian Union Cabinet underscores the ongoing commitment to expedite judicial processes in cases involving sexual offences, emphasizing the criticality of these courts in the Indian justice system.

Fast Track Special Courts (FTSCs)

  • Safety and Security
    • Aimed at protecting women and girl child.
    • Government’s response includes stringent punishment for rape, under the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018.
  • Necessity of FTSCs
    • Established due to the prevalence of sexual offences and prolonged trials.
    • Designed to provide immediate relief to victims.


  • Department of Justice
    • FTSCs have been implemented since October 2019.
  • Scheme Nature
    • A Centrally Sponsored Scheme.
  • Setup
    • Total of 1023 FTSCs, including 389 exclusive POCSO Courts.
    • Operational across 31 States and UTs, with 28 participating.
  • Composition
    • Each court comprises one Judicial Officer and seven staff members.
  • Funding
    • Initial period funding (2019-2021) and continuation (up to 2023).
    • Recent extension from 2023 to 2026 with significant financial allocation.
  • Monitoring
    • Implementation of an online monitoring framework for case statistics.

Purpose and Goals

  • Trial and Disposal
    • Focuses on expeditious trial and disposal of pending cases of rape and offences against children.
  • Expected Disposals
    • Each FTSC aims to dispose of a significant number of cases quarterly and annually.
  • Initial Target
    • The government set a target for disposing of a large number of pending cases at the scheme’s launch.

Current Status

  • Functional FTSCs
    • As of August 2023, a considerable number of FTSCs are operational.
    • Disposal of a large number of pending cases.
  • Financial Allocation
    • Specific allocation for the financial year 2023-24.
  • Concerns
    • There are concerns regarding the delay in the full implementation of the scheme.

Extension Approval (November 2023)

  • Union Cabinet’s Decision
    • Recent extension approval by the Union Cabinet for three years.

National Mission for Safety of Women (NMSW)

  • FTSCs and NMSW
    • FTSCs are a part of NMSW, initiated by the Ministry of Law and Justice.
  • Infrastructure
    • The scheme focuses on operational functionality rather than creating permanent infrastructure.

The extension of the Fast Track Special Courts scheme reflects India’s continued commitment to expedite justice in cases of sexual offences, aligning with broader efforts to enhance the safety and security of women and children.

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