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Groundwater Depletion in India – Causes, Implications and Way Forward

According to new research recently carried out, millions of drinking wells around the world may soon be at risk of running dry. It further pointed out that as much as 20% of the world’s groundwater wells may be facing imminent failure, potentially depriving billions of people of freshwater. The research points out a dismal situation across the globe in the coming years. Groundwater depletion has been a concern for the past few decades. India is also not left behind. Many parts of India face acute water shortage at particular periods every year. Depleting groundwater levels have severe implications spanning from water scarcity to a gradual decline in agricultural production. Thus, the issue needs to be addressed with prompt actions to prevent India and the entire world from groundwater depletion which has grave consequences for human civilization.

Single/Unified Ministry for Energy Sector – Why do we need it?

NITI Aayog’s Draft National Energy Policy had called for a single unified ministry to administer India’s energy sector. India currently has a number of ministries and government departments to deal with issues pertaining to the energy sector. This is not allowing for the optimum use of energy and is increasing the complexity of the energy-related issues. The Draft NEP is going to be placed for the Cabinet approval in the near future. Accepting and implementing the NEP’s recommendations on reforming energy governance is vital for addressing the country’s energy sector issues. However, the government should also carefully traverse the recommended reform given the hard-hitting implications on the existing bureaucratic structure.

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