Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park mind map
Recent News
Elevated Highway Proposal
NHAI's Project
Plan Details
Six-Lane Elevated Highway
Cuts through Elephant Habitat
Involves Felling 1,288 Trees
Activists' Concerns
Impact on Wildlife
Habitat Fragmentation
Online Petition
Over 5,000 Signatures
Urges FAC to Reconsider
NHAI's Mitigation Measures
Installation of Noise Barriers
Restricted Construction Hours
Safari Initiatives
Karnataka Forest Department's Decision
New Safari Route
Trial Basis Until May 31, 2021
Activists' Opposition
Impact on Wildlife
Increased Tourism Activity
Wildlife Conservation Efforts
Concerns over Wildlife Disturbance
Impact on Elephants, Tigers, Leopards
Alternative Solutions Suggested
Protection of Wildlife
Avoiding Habitat Disruption
Elevated Highway Proposal
Recent Proposal and Controversy
Safari Initiatives
Decision Made in 2020
Elevated Highway
To Alleviate Traffic Snarls
Connect Bannerghatta and Jigani
Safari Initiatives
Boost Tourism
Generate Revenue
Elevated Highway
Total Length 8 km
Includes Eco-Sensitive Area
Safari Initiatives
Located in Outskirts of Bengaluru
Aims to Diversify Tourism Offerings
Bannerghatta National Park
Located in Karnataka, India
Near Bengaluru
Involved Parties
National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
Karnataka Forest Department
Activists and Conservationists
Voicing Opposition
Proposing Alternatives
Elevated Highway Construction
Seeking Forest Advisory Committee Clearance
Proposed Soundproofing Measures
Safari Route Development
Identifying and Creating Safari Routes
Based on Trial Experiences
Elevated Highway
Improved Connectivity
Traffic Management
Safari Initiatives
Tourism Development
Economic Benefits
Elevated Highway
Environmental Impact
Wildlife Disturbance
Safari Initiatives
Potential Increase in Poaching
Habitat Disruption
Way Forward
Elevated Highway
Alternative Planning
Protect Wildlife
Avoid Core Forest Area
Safari Initiatives
Assessing Impact on Wildlife
Considering Environmental Sustainability

Bannerghatta National Park, located in Karnataka, India, is currently at the center of a controversial proposal by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to construct a six-lane elevated highway. This project has raised significant concerns among activists and conservationists due to its potential impact on the park’s wildlife and ecosystem. The highway plan involves cutting through the elephant habitat and felling 1,288 trees. In response, an online petition has gathered over 5,000 signatures urging the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) to reconsider the project. Conservation efforts are focused on protecting the park’s wildlife, including elephants, tigers, and leopards, and finding solutions that balance infrastructure development with environmental conservation.

Additionally, the Karnataka Forest Department’s decision to start new safari routes within the park has been met with opposition from activists. They argue that increased tourism activity could negatively affect the wildlife and natural habitats, raising concerns about the potential increase in poaching and habitat disruption.

Overall, the situation at Bannerghatta National Park illustrates the complex balance between development, conservation, and tourism, highlighting the need for careful consideration of the environmental impact of such projects.

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