Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary mind map
Recent News (January 2024)
Logging & Climate Change Effects
Study by Indian Institute of Science
Effects on Bird Communities
Over 10 Years of Data
Birds Shifting to Higher Elevations
Smaller Birds Adapt Better
Larger Birds in Primary Forests
Impact on Biodiversity
Loss of Large-bodied Species
Decline of Understory Insectivores
Lower Foliage-dwelling Insect Densities
Safeguarding Primary Forests Essential
Established in 1989
Himalayan Foothills, West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Part of Kameng Protected Area Complex
Conservation & Biodiversity
Protected Area
Area Size: 218 sq km
Altitude Range: 500m to 3,250m
Part of Kameng Elephant Reserve
Prime Birding Site
Over 500 Bird Species
Three Tragopan Species
Herpetofauna: 34 Amphibians, 24 Snakes, 7 Lizards
Mammals: Clouded Leopard, Marbled Cat, Asian Golden Cat
Butterflies: Over 165 Species
Managed by Government of Arunachal Pradesh
Researchers from Indian Institute of Science
Accessible via Unpaved Road
Study Methods: Mist Netting, Bird Ringing
High Biodiversity
Critical for Conservation Efforts
Educational and Ecotourism Potential
Logging and Climate Change Impacts
Habitat Degradation
Way Forward
Protecting Primary Forests
Conservation Strategies
Community Involvement

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Himalayan foothills of Arunachal Pradesh, India, is a crucial biodiversity hotspot established in 1989. It spans 218 square kilometers with an altitude range from 500 to 3,250 meters and is a part of the Kameng Elephant Reserve. Known for its rich bird life with over 500 species, including rare tragopans, the sanctuary also hosts diverse herpetofauna, mammals, and over 165 butterfly species. Recent studies by the Indian Institute of Science reveal that logging and climate change are affecting bird communities, causing species to shift to higher elevations and threatening biodiversity. Protecting primary forests and involving local communities are seen as vital steps for conservation.

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