WorldCoin is a cryptocurrency project that has gained significant attention since its post-launch on July 24th, attracting over 2 million sign-ups. The project aims to become the world’s largest identity and financial network, providing universal access to the global economy through its World ID system. However, there have been both positive and negative aspects raised about the project, making it essential to delve into its various aspects.

This topic of “WorldCoin” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

What is WorldCoin?

  • WorldCoin is a cryptocurrency project with a focus on creating a global identity and financial network.

Significance of WorldCoin

  • WorldCoin aims to be the world’s largest identity and financial network, revolutionizing access to the global economy.

Why WorldCoin?

  • The project seeks to provide universal access to the global economy for everyone.

How WorldCoin Works

  • WorldCoin offers an account through the World ID system, allowing real humans to access the platform.
  • User sign-up is done using biometrics, including iris scanning via the ‘orb’ to differentiate between humans and AI.
  • World ID is utilized for various purposes, such as creating a cryptocurrency wallet.

Project Aspects

  • WorldCoin’s native token is called “Worldcoin” and serves as a cryptocurrency.
  • The “World App” enables payments, purchases, and transfers using both digital assets and traditional currencies, with 1 WLD equivalent to 0.57 rupees.

World ID

  • World ID is not essential for using the World App or accessing WorldCoin tokens but offers incentives to users.
  • Users receive free Worldcoin for creating their World ID.

Pros of WorldCoin

  • WorldCoin is open to all, regardless of their country, background, or economic status, including people without legal identification.

Cons of WorldCoin

  • The use of biometrics raises concerns in countries like France, Germany, and Kenya.
  • Data privacy issues are raised concerning how WorldCoin website handles data, including the prompt deletion of collected images and creation of unique individual codes.

Key Figures

  • Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO, is associated with the project, whose organization created the AI chatbot ChatGPT.
  • Alex Blania is the Co-Founder and CEO of WorldCoin.
  • Worldcoin is developed by Tools for Humanity, a company based in San Francisco and Berlin.


WorldCoin’s ambitious goal of becoming the world’s largest identity and financial network, providing universal access to the global economy, has attracted millions of sign-ups. However, there are concerns regarding biometric usage and data privacy that need to be addressed to ensure the success and acceptance of the project.

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