• SIMBEX 23 Concludes: The 30th edition of the Singapore India Maritime Bilateral Exercise, known as SIMBEX 23, has successfully concluded, marking another milestone in the annual maritime cooperation between Singapore and India.

This topic of “SIMBEX 23” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

What is SIMBEX 23?

  • 30th Edition: SIMBEX 23 is the 30th edition of the Singapore India Maritime Bilateral Exercise, underscoring its enduring significance.
  • Singapore India Maritime Bilateral Exercise: SIMBEX is an annual exercise aimed at enhancing maritime cooperation and interoperability between the Indian Navy and the Singapore Navy.


  • Indian Navy’s Longest Uninterrupted Bilateral Maritime Exercise: SIMBEX holds the distinction of being the Indian Navy’s longest uninterrupted bilateral maritime exercise with a foreign navy.

How SIMBEX 23 Unfolded

Harbour Phase

  • During the Harbour Phase, professional interactions and knowledge exchange were prioritized.
  • Subject Matter Expert Exchanges: Experts from both navies shared insights and expertise.
  • Combined Aviation and Firefighting/Damage Control Exercises: Collaborative exercises ensured readiness in emergency scenarios.
  • Signing of JSOP on Submarine Rescue: A significant moment in the exercise, with key attendees including the High Commissioner of India to Singapore and the Singapore Navy Fleet Commander.
  • Commanding Officers of Indian Navy Pay Homage at Kranji War Memorial: A solemn wreath-laying ceremony at the Kranji War Memorial.
  • Activities During Harbour Stay: Cultural exchanges, sports events, cross-deck visits, and onboard visits by school children and Indian High Commission personnel strengthened bonds.

Sea Phase

  • The Sea Phase, conducted from 25 to 28 September 2023, involved various units from both navies.
  • Indian Navy Units:
    • INS Ranvijay (guided-missile Destroyer)
    • Kavaratti (ASW Corvette)
    • Submarine Sindhukesari
    • Long-Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft P8I
  • Singapore Navy Units: RSS Stalwart, Valour, Tenacious, and fighter aircraft.
  • Exercises Conducted: Advanced anti-submarine warfare, surface and air defense exercises, tactical maneuvers, and weapon firings.

Who Participated?

  • Indian Navy: The Indian Navy actively participated in SIMBEX 23 with a range of vessels and aircraft.
  • Singapore Navy: The Singapore Navy joined hands with the Indian Navy to enhance maritime cooperation.

When It All Began

  • First Held in 1994: SIMBEX was first initiated in 1994, and it has continued to grow in significance over the years.

Where It Took Place

  • Singapore: The exercise primarily took place in the waters around Singapore, highlighting the strategic importance of the region in maritime security.

Interesting Facts

  • Kranji War Memorial: During SIMBEX 23, Indian Navy commanding officers paid homage at the Kranji War Memorial.
    • Honoring Commonwealth Heroes: The memorial honors men and women from the Commonwealth who died in World War II.
    • Hillside Cemetery: The memorial includes a hillside cemetery that pays tribute to fallen heroes from multiple countries, including Britain, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Malaya, Netherlands, and New Zealand.

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