VINBAX Exercise 2023

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VINBAX-2023, the fourth edition of the joint military exercise between India and Vietnam, was conducted in Hanoi, Vietnam from December 11th to 21st, 2023. Comprising 45 personnel each from the Indian Armed Forces and the Vietnam People’s Army, the exercise aimed to enhance collaborative partnerships, promote interoperability, and share best practices under the framework of Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, focusing on Peacekeeping Operations. Designed as both a Command Post and a Field Training Exercise, VINBAX-2023 concentrated on the deployment of an Engineer Company and a Medical Team, facilitating the exchange of ideas and joint rehearsals of tactics, techniques, and procedures related to combat engineering and medical tasks. The culmination of the exercise was a Validation Exercise, showcasing the standards attained by both contingents. This exercise not only demonstrates the commitment of India and Vietnam to international peace and security but also significantly contributes to the shared goal of maintaining global peace and stability.

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