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INS Sumedha

INS Sumedha mind map
INS Sumedha
Made port call to Maputo, Mozambique
Part of extended operational deployment to Africa
Strengthening Diplomatic Relations Through Port Call
Objectives include
Reinforcing long-standing diplomatic relations
Enhancing maritime cooperation
Boosting interoperability between Indian and Mozambican navies
Scheduled activities from November 23 to 25, 2023
Encompass professional interactions, cross-deck visits, planning conferences, joint EEZ surveillance
Visit marked by
Courtesy calls by commanding officer
On various dignitaries and government officials of Mozambique
Notable figures include
Navy Commandant, the Mozambique Navy, and the Mayor of Maputo City
Solidifying Bilateral Relations
Between India and Mozambique
Share common values
Democracy, development, secularism
Regular high-level exchanges
Across various fields
Bilateral defense cooperation
Progressing through regular JDWG meetings
Building Bridges of Friendship through Naval Deployments
Indian Navy consistently deploys ships
Strengthen international cooperation
With friendly nations
Deployment of INS Sumedha
Testament to India’s commitment
Building "bridges of friendship"
Fostering global collaboration
INS Sumedha: A Pillar of Eastern Fleet’s Capabilities
Part of Indian Navy's eastern fleet
Based at Visakhapatnam
Operates under command of
Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command
Equipped with
Advanced weapon systems, sensors
State-of-the-art navigation and communication systems
Electronic warfare suits
Past roles include
Fleet support, coastal and offshore patrolling
Ocean surveillance
Humanitarian assistance disaster relief (HADR) missions
Contributes significantly
To Indian Navy’s regional security
International cooperation

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