Revised Community Radio Station Guidelines

Revised Community Radio Station Guidelines mind map
Recent News
Released on February 13, 2024
World Radio Day
Location of Release
Regional Community Radio Sammelan, South
Anna University, Chennai
February 13, 2024
To ensure growth of community radio sector
Increase in Number of Stations
From one to six stations per entity
Across various operational districts
Increase in Advertising
Time from 7 to 12 minutes per hour
Rate from Rs 52 to Rs 74 per 10 seconds
Letter of Intent
Validity set to one year
Additional three-month buffer
Establishment of Committees
Advisory and Content Committee
50% women representation
Community Radio Stations (CRS)
Low-power radio stations
Coverage area of 10-15 km radius
Managed by local communities
For multiple district operations
Grant of Permission Agreement
Increased to 10 years
Across India
Information and Broadcasting Minister
Local Communities
Educational Institutions
Non-profit Organizations
Civil Society and Voluntary Organizations
Online Application Process
Committee Establishment
Community Empowerment
Localized Content
In local languages and dialects
Addressing Local Issues
Platform for Discussion
Repository of Local Culture
Way Forward
Target to create over 1000 CRSs in next three years
Continued focus on local empowerment and cultural preservation

The Revised Community Radio Station Guidelines, released in February 2024, mark a significant step towards the expansion and empowerment of community radio in India. These guidelines increase the number of stations an entity can operate, raise advertising time and rates, and mandate the formation of committees with local community representation, including a 50% quota for women. They aim to strengthen local voices and address community-specific issues through radio broadcasting in local languages and dialects, thus fostering community engagement and cultural preservation.

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