RBI Digital Payments Index

RBI Digital Payments Index mind map
Digital Payments Index
Composite Index
Measures Digitisation
Of Payments in India
Launched in 2021
Base Year 2018
Recent Values
March 2023
Value 395.57
September 2023
Value 418.77
Captures Extent
Of Digitisation
Across the Country
Five Parameters
Payment Enablers
Weight 25%
Payment Infrastructure
Demand-Side Factors
Weight 10%
Supply-Side Factors
Weight 15%
Payment Performance
Weight 45%
Consumer Centricity
Weight 5%
Growth Rate
Over 13%
Time Period
End of March 2023
Significant Uptick
From Previous Values
2022 Value 377.46
2023 Value 395.58
Adoption and Deepening
Of Digital Payments
Payment Infrastructure
Growth in India

The RBI Digital Payments Index (DPI) is a comprehensive measure developed by the Reserve Bank of India to assess the extent of digitalization in the payments sector across India. This index, introduced in 2021, uses March 2018 as its base year. As of September 2023, the DPI stood at 418.77, indicating a significant growth from its value of 395.57 in March 2023. The index comprises five key parameters: Payment Enablers (25% weight), Payment Infrastructure with both demand-side (10%) and supply-side factors (15%), Payment Performance (45%), and Consumer Centricity (5%). The year-on-year growth rate of over 13% by the end of March 2023 highlights the increasing adoption and deepening of digital payments in India, reflecting a significant enhancement in the country’s payment infrastructure​​​​.

In simple terms, the RBI Digital Payments Index is a tool used by the Reserve Bank of India to track and measure the growth and spread of digital payment systems in India. It shows how much people are using digital methods to make payments, and how this is growing over time. The index uses different factors like how easy it is to make digital payments, the availability of the necessary technology, how well the payment systems are working, and how customer-friendly they are. The rise in the index’s value over the years indicates that more and more people in India are switching to digital modes of payment.

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