Cyprus Confidential

Cyprus Confidential mind map
Investigative report by Indian Express and ICIJ
Exposes Cyprus as tax evasion, money laundering hub
Source: IE
Cyprus attracts investors
Through favourable conditions
Zero estate duty
No trust registration requirements
Golden Passport scheme
EU member status
Financial hub for Russian oligarchs
Tax haven definition
Jurisdiction with low tax rates
Tax evasion
Criminal act
Involves individuals, corporations
Illegal means to evade taxes
Misrepresenting or concealing financial state
State of Tax Justice Report 2023
Global loss to tax havens
$4.8 trillion over next 10 years
Comparable to GDP of Japan
Previous Reports on Tax Havens
Offshore Leaks (2013)
HSBC Swiss Leaks (2015)
Panama Papers (2016)
Paradise Papers (2017)
Pandora Papers (2021)
Cyprus geography
Island country in eastern Mediterranean Sea
South of Anatolian Peninsula
East of Levant
Geographically in Western Asia
Culturally South-eastern European

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