Radiation Detection Equipment

In recent news, India has taken a significant step towards enhancing its security measures by deploying Radiation Detection Equipment (RDE) at various strategic locations across its borders.

RDEs Installation Locations

Land Crossing Points

  • India’s borders are equipped with RDEs to enhance security.
    • Pakistan
    • Bangladesh
    • Myanmar
    • Nepal

Specific Install Points

  • Integrated Check Posts and land ports serve as key locations for RDE installation.
    • Attari (Pakistan border)
    • Petrapole (Bangladesh border)
    • Agartala (Bangladesh border)
    • Dawki (Bangladesh border)
    • Sutarkandi (Bangladesh border)
    • Raxaul (Nepal border)
    • Jogbani (Nepal border)
    • Moreh (Myanmar border)


Integrated Check Posts (ICPs) with High Cross-Border Movements

  • ICPs are selected due to high cross-border movements of people and goods.

RDE Placement

Drive-Through Monitoring Stations

  • RDEs are deployed as drive-through monitoring stations.
    • Monitoring includes scanning of trucks and cargo for radioactive materials.

Why RDEs are Deployed

Main Purpose

  • The primary purpose of RDEs is to prevent trafficking of radioactive materials.
    • These materials can have potential use in nuclear devices, posing a significant threat to national security.


Smuggling Threats

  • RDEs play a crucial role in mitigating smuggling threats, particularly related to radioactive materials.
    • This includes the risk of nuclear devices and radiological dispersal devices.

How RDEs Work

RDE Capabilities

  • RDEs are equipped with the following capabilities to detect and address potential threats effectively: copyright©iasexpress.net

Raise Alarms

  • RDEs can raise alarms in the presence of specific types of radiation.
    • Gamma radiation
    • Neutron radiation

Generate Video Frames

  • RDEs have the capability to generate video frames, allowing for visual inspection of suspected objects.

Differentiation Abilities

  • RDEs can differentiate between special nuclear material and naturally occurring radiation.
    • This is essential to prevent false alarms triggered by harmless substances like fertilizers and ceramics.
  • RDEs can also detect high-energy gamma isotopes, a characteristic attribute of recycled uranium, further enhancing their detection capabilities.

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