Radiation Detection Equipment

In recent news, India has taken a significant step towards enhancing its security measures by deploying Radiation Detection Equipment (RDE) at various strategic locations across its borders.

This topic of “Radiation Detection Equipment” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

RDEs Installation Locations

Land Crossing Points

  • India’s borders are equipped with RDEs to enhance security.
    • Pakistan
    • Bangladesh
    • Myanmar
    • Nepal

Specific Install Points

  • Integrated Check Posts and land ports serve as key locations for RDE installation.
    • Attari (Pakistan border)
    • Petrapole (Bangladesh border)
    • Agartala (Bangladesh border)
    • Dawki (Bangladesh border)
    • Sutarkandi (Bangladesh border)
    • Raxaul (Nepal border)
    • Jogbani (Nepal border)
    • Moreh (Myanmar border)


Integrated Check Posts (ICPs) with High Cross-Border Movements

  • ICPs are selected due to high cross-border movements of people and goods.

RDE Placement

Drive-Through Monitoring Stations

  • RDEs are deployed as drive-through monitoring stations.
    • Monitoring includes scanning of trucks and cargo for radioactive materials.

Why RDEs are Deployed

Main Purpose

  • The primary purpose of RDEs is to prevent trafficking of radioactive materials.
    • These materials can have potential use in nuclear devices, posing a significant threat to national security.


Smuggling Threats

  • RDEs play a crucial role in mitigating smuggling threats, particularly related to radioactive materials.
    • This includes the risk of nuclear devices and radiological dispersal devices.

How RDEs Work

RDE Capabilities

  • RDEs are equipped with the following capabilities to detect and address potential threats effectively:

Raise Alarms

  • RDEs can raise alarms in the presence of specific types of radiation.
    • Gamma radiation
    • Neutron radiation

Generate Video Frames

  • RDEs have the capability to generate video frames, allowing for visual inspection of suspected objects.

Differentiation Abilities

  • RDEs can differentiate between special nuclear material and naturally occurring radiation.
    • This is essential to prevent false alarms triggered by harmless substances like fertilizers and ceramics.
  • RDEs can also detect high-energy gamma isotopes, a characteristic attribute of recycled uranium, further enhancing their detection capabilities.

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