Peace Committee in Manipur

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Centre has constituted a peace committee to resolve Manipur situation.


  • It is a committee to facilitate peace-making process among the different ethnic groups in Manipur.


  • Violent clashes rocking the state since May 3rd, following a tribal solidarity march against the ST demand for Meitei community.
  • The violence has claimed the lives of nearly 100 people and injured >300 people.
  • It has displaced >35,000 people in the state.


Mandate of the committee:

  • Facilitate peaceful dialogue and negotiations among the conflicting groups.
  • Improve mutual understanding
  • Strengthen social cohesiveness


  • Constituted by the Central government.
  • Headed by Anusuiya Uikey, Governor of Manipur
  • Also includes:
    • Chief Minister N. Biren Singh
    • Few Ministers of state government
    • MPs
    • Leaders from different political parties
    • Representatives of different ethnic groups
    • Former civil servants
    • Educationists
    • Littérateurs
    • Social workers
    • Artists, etc.


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