NBRI Namoh 108

The introduction of NBRI Namoh 108, a new lotus variety, has brought attention to the incredible potential of botanical research and innovation. Developed by the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) in collaboration with FFDC, Kannauj, this lotus variety is rich in nutrients and offers a range of unique applications.

This topic of “NBRI Namoh 108” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

The Unveiling of NBRI Namoh 108

Dr. Jitendra Singh unveiled the extraordinary NBRI Namoh 108, showcasing the innovative work carried out by the scientists at NBRI. This development stands as a testament to the institute’s commitment to exploring the potential of plant-based resources.

Lotus-Based Apparel and Perfume ‘Frotus’

The lotus fibre-based apparel introduced with NBRI Namoh 108 showcases the innovative use of plant resources. Additionally, the perfume ‘Frotus’ extracted from lotus flowers demonstrates the diverse applications that can be derived from botanical sources.

NBRI-Nihar: Aloe Vera’s Enhanced Version

The NBRI-Nihar project has introduced a new variety of Aloe vera with enhanced features. Through clonal selection, this variety boasts a 2.5 times higher gel yield compared to traditional Aloe vera. Notably, it is also resistant to bacterial and fungal diseases, making it a valuable addition to agricultural practices.

NBRI-Goutout: Addressing Gouty Arthritis

Addressing health concerns, NBRI-Goutout is a supplement developed to assist individuals dealing with gout or gouty arthritis. This supplement showcases the institute’s dedication to leveraging botanical resources for medicinal purposes.

The Unique Lotus Variety – NBRI Namoh 108

The newly introduced lotus variety, NBRI Namoh 108, holds distinctive features that set it apart:

  • 108 Petals: This unique variety boasts an impressive 108 petals, adding to its visual allure.
  • Nutrient Rich: NBRI Namoh 108 is rich in nutrients, showcasing the potential of lotus plants for various applications.
  • Extended Flowering Period: This lotus variety blooms from March to December, providing a prolonged period of beauty and elegance.

The Significance of NBRI Namoh 108

NBRI Namoh 108 holds significant importance as the first lotus variety whose genome has been completely sequenced. This achievement demonstrates the institute’s cutting-edge research capabilities and contributes to the broader understanding of plant genetics.

The Developer: CSIR-NBRI

The creator of NBRI Namoh 108 is the CSIR-NBRI (National Botanical Research Institute) situated in Lucknow. This premier plant-based Research and Development center has showcased its expertise in botanical research through this remarkable innovation.

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