National Horticulture Fair 2024

National Horticulture Fair 2024 mind map
Organized by
In collaboration with
Society for Promotion of Horticulture (SPH)
Technology Business Incubator ICAR-IIHR
ICAR-ATARI Bengaluru
Leading development departments
NextGen Technology Led Horticulture for Sustainable Development
Date and Location
March 5, 2024 - 09:00
To March 7, 2024 - 17:30
ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research
Hesaraghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Promoting integration of cutting-edge technologies
Smart irrigation
Controlled environment farming
Vertical farming
Explore space use efficiency
Sustainable horticulture practices
Minimizing ecological footprints
Opportunities for Participants
Visit, watch, and learn
Exhibit, sell, and advertise
Categories for participation
Seeds and Planting Materials
Green House
Research and Development
Plant Nutrients
Sthree Shakti Groups
Figs and FPOS
Irrigation Systems
Food Processing and Packaging
Agri Export Services
Financial Institutions
Government and Semi-Government
Tissue Culture Protocols or Plants
IIHR-ATIC Services and Products
Organic Farming and IFS
Market Functionaries
Plant Growth Modifiers
Garden Accessories
Business Incubation Process
Special Events and Workshops
Daily workshops & conferences
Topics include
Urban Horticulture
Terrace/Rooftop/Vertical Gardening
Hi-tech Horticulture
Protected Cultivation & Vertical Farming
Soilless Cultivation
Waste to wealth
Farm Composting /Kitchen Waste
Value addition & waste utilization of flowers
Home scale package & storage of fresh fruits & vegetables
Registration compulsory before February 20
Stall Information
High-Tech Stalls (Structure and Shamiyana)
Nursery Stalls
Food Stalls
GST applicable
Notable Technologies Showcased
Arka Onion Bulblet Planter
Field planting capacity: 0.12 hectare per hour
Labor efficient (35%) and reduced drudgery
Vitamin D Enrichment Technology
Fabricated low-cost device for Elm oyster mushroom
Exposed to 100 watts UV-B light for 10 minutes
Fulfills recommended dietary allowance
Enriched vitamin D levels sustained for 6 months
Established in 1967
Focuses on
Basic, applied, and strategic research on horticultural crops
Working on 58 horticultural crops
13 fruits, 30 vegetables, 10 flowers, 5 medicinal crops
Released 354 varieties
156 technologies
Commercialized 176 technologies to 746 clients
Issued 1,250 licenses
Showcases latest technologies
Demonstrates sustainable development practices
Benefits growers, horticulturists, and other stakeholders
Offers consultancy, training, and workshops
Way Forward
Digital horticulture
Optimizing resource use
Enhancing crop yields
Environment-friendly practices for sustainable development

The National Horticulture Fair 2024, scheduled for March 5-7 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, is a significant event organized by the ICAR-IIHR. It focuses on showcasing next-generation technologies in horticulture aimed at sustainable development. The fair emphasizes the importance of integrating advanced technologies such as smart irrigation, controlled environment farming, and vertical farming into horticultural practices. It offers participants a unique opportunity to learn, exhibit, and engage with experts in various fields, including research and development, organic farming, and food processing. With a rich program that includes special workshops and the presentation of innovative technologies like the Arka Onion Bulblet Planter and Vitamin D Enrichment Technology, the fair aims to educate and inspire farmers, agripreneurs, students, and other stakeholders towards more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices​​​​​​.

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