National Cooperative Database

National Cooperative Database mind map
Recent News:
Launch date: 08-03-2024
Launched by: Amit Shah
Initiative by: Ministry of Cooperation
Ministry of Cooperation established: 6th July, 2021
Phase I completed: February, 2023
Phase II completed: After Phase I
Phase III initiated: May, 2023
Total cooperative societies as on 24.11.2023: 7,94,866
Total members as on 24.11.2023: 29,07,60,537
Strengthen cooperative movement
Reach up to grassroots
Develop policy, legal & institutional framework
Single point access to:
8 lakh Cooperative Societies
Comprehensive, Authentic and Updated data
Identifying gaps in geographical spread
Vertical and horizontal linkages among cooperatives
Facilitate planning, policy making & implementation
Data Captured:
Identification-Related Data
Society Particulars
Area of Operation
Published Financial Data
Operative Details
Infrastructure and Membership Details
Products, Services and Schemes
Across India
Major states/UTs listed with cooperative and member counts
Launched by: Amit Shah
Managed by: Ministry of Cooperation
State/UT Governments
National Cooperative/Federations
Central line Ministries
Development Phases:
Phase I: 2.64 lakh primary cooperative societies mapped
Phase II: National Federations, State Federations, banks, and more
Phase III: Remaining >5 lakh societies in various sectors
Source of Data: State and District Registrar Offices
Efficiency in cooperative sector
Empowering individuals
Addressing economic, social, and community challenges
AtmaNirbhar Bharat vision support
Excludes specific mentions but implies:
Data collection and validation process complexity
Ensuring up-to-date information
Way Forward:
Utilization for policy and decision making
Bridging sectoral gaps
Promoting transparency and collaboration

The National Cooperative Database (NCD) was launched by Amit Shah on March 8, 2024, as a key initiative by the Ministry of Cooperation established in July 2021. This comprehensive database aims to strengthen the cooperative movement in India by providing single-point access to information on about 8 lakh cooperative societies across various sectors, facilitating better planning, policy-making, and implementation. Developed in a phased manner, it encompasses data on society particulars, operation areas, financial data, and more, gathered from State and District Registrar Offices. The database serves as a crucial tool for enhancing the efficiency of the cooperative sector, promoting expansion, and addressing community challenges towards realizing the vision of an ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat’​​​​​​​​.

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