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Lumpy Skin Disease

Lumpy Skin Disease mind map
December 2023 News
Parliamentary Committee Concerns
Doubts on Data Accuracy
Data Gap
Between Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying (DAHD)
And Ground Reality
Questioned Reliability
On Cattle Deaths and Infections
DAHD's Data Source
State Governments
Union Territories
Ensure Proper Data Compilation
Address Unreported Cases
Devastating Impact
LSD Outbreak in 2021-22
Significant Harm to Cattle
Affects Milk Production
Impacts Farm Income
Infectious Viral Disease
Transmission Vectors
Biting Flies
By Touch
Telangana High Court Inquiry
Lack of Specific Details
On Control Measures
On Vaccination Initiatives
State Government and Animal Husbandry Department
Directed to Submit Affidavit
Explaining Implemented Steps
Outbreak in 2021-22
Infectious Viral Disease
Host-Specific Virus
Affects Large Ruminants
Domestic Water Buffalo
Potential Reservoirs
Wild Ruminants
Climate Change Impact
Arthropod-Borne Disease
Economic Losses
Leather Damage
Decreased Milk Production
Abortion in Ruminants
Death in Ruminants
Global Spread
Economic Impact on Bovine Industry
Control Strategies Development
Global Spread
Northern Hemisphere Countries
2022 Outbreak
Death of Over 97,000 Cattle
Affected 15 States
Starting from Gujarat and Rajasthan
Parliamentary Standing Committee
On Agriculture
Animal Husbandry
Food Processing
Relies on State Data
Telangana High Court
Division Bench
Chief Justice Alok Aradhe
Justice T. Vinod Kumar
Rayapuram Moulaiah
Law Student
PIL Originator
Special Government Pleader (SGP)
A Sanjeev Kumar
Disease Transmission
Biting Flies
By Touch
Vaccine Research
Indian Laboratories
Since 2019
Launched in August 2022
Goat Pox Vaccine
Found Effective
Vaccine Manufacturing
Veterinary Biological Research Institute, Telangana
Indian Immunologicals
Hester Biosciences
Control Strategies
Preventive Measures
Based on Outbreak Presence
Data Accuracy Issues
Gap Between Reported and Actual Situation
Impact on Cattle Population
Milk Production
Farm Income
Human Impact Clarifications
Non-Impact on Humans
Impact on Milk and Meat
Way Forward
Enhance Disease Surveillance
Improve Treatment
Develop Diagnostic Infrastructure
Veterinary Services Improvement
Capacity Building
For Animal Health Professionals
Holistic Measures
To Address Animal Pandemics

Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) is a significant infectious viral disease primarily affecting cattle and domestic water buffalo, with potential transmission to wild ruminants. Notably prevalent in the northern hemisphere, its emergence has been linked to climate change. The disease is characterized by severe economic losses due to cattle deaths, reduced milk production, and leather damage. In India, a notable outbreak in 2022 resulted in over 97,000 cattle deaths. Concerns about the accuracy of data on cattle deaths and infections have been raised, leading to recommendations for better data compilation and disease control. Efforts are ongoing to develop and administer effective vaccines, such as Lumpi-ProVacInd and the goat pox vaccine. The need for enhanced disease surveillance, improved veterinary services, and holistic measures to address such animal pandemics has been emphasized.

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