Leif Erikson Lunar Prize

Leif Erikson Lunar Prize mind map
Recent News
2023 Award
ISRO awarded
For Chandrayaan-3 mission
First soft landing near Lunar South Pole
Announced on November 26, 2023
Honoring trailblazers in exploration
Recognizing significant achievements in space science
Leif Erikson Awards
Named after Norse explorer Leif Erikson
First European in North America
Established Norse settlement at Vinland
Annual awards since 2015
Hosted by Exploration Museum, Husavik, Iceland
Award Categories
Leif Erikson Award
Young Explorer Award
Exploration History Award
Lunar Prize
2023 Winners
Astronaut Bill Anders
Leif Erikson Award
For “Earthrise” photograph, Apollo 8 mission
Kellie Gerardi
Young Explorer Award
Bioastronautics research, spacesuit evaluation
Libby Jackson
Exploration History Award
Preserving history of female astronauts
Lunar Prize
Chandrayaan-3 mission success
Ceremony in Husavik, Iceland
Various explorers and organizations
ISRO for 2023 Lunar Prize
Exploration Museum, Husavik
Icelandic Presidents involved in presentation
Selection Process
Winners voted by Scientific Committee
Committee appointed annually
Chairperson is previous year's Exploration History Award winner
Recognizes and celebrates exploration achievements
Encourages future explorations
Highlights important contributions in space science
Way Forward
Continuing to inspire and acknowledge future explorations
Promoting understanding of space and its exploration

The Leif Erikson Lunar Prize is an annual award presented by the Exploration Museum in Húsavík, Iceland, as part of the Leif Erikson Awards. Named after the Norse explorer Leif Erikson, the awards recognize achievements in exploration and work in the field of exploration history. The Leif Erikson Lunar Prize specifically honors significant accomplishments in lunar exploration. In 2023, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) received this prize for the successful Chandrayaan-3 mission, which achieved a soft landing near the Moon’s South Pole. The award ceremony, part of the Húsavík Explorers Festival, also includes other categories such as the Leif Erikson Award, the Young Explorer Award, and the Exploration History Award, acknowledging various explorers and organizations for their contributions to space science and exploration history. The winners are selected by the Scientific Committee of the Exploration Museum, emphasizing the global recognition of trailblazing achievements in the realm of space exploration.

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