Krishi Road Map

In recent news, the President of India has officially launched the Fourth Krishi Road Map, which covers the period from 2023 to 2028 and is centered in the state of Bihar. This roadmap represents a significant step in the agricultural development of the region, aiming to address various key aspects of agricultural growth and prosperity.

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What is the Krishi Road Map?

The Fourth in Agricultural Road Maps Series

The Fourth Krishi Road Map is the latest installment in a series of strategic plans aimed at boosting the agricultural sector in Bihar.

Investment Worth ₹1.62 Lakh Crore

This ambitious plan comes with an investment of ₹1.62 lakh crore, highlighting the government’s commitment to transforming agriculture in the state.

Key Highlights of the Fourth Krishi Road Map

Focus Areas

The roadmap outlines several crucial areas of focus to revitalize agriculture in Bihar:

  • Increasing Agricultural Production: The primary objective is to enhance crop yields and overall agricultural production.
  • Increasing Farmers’ Incomes: Over the next five years, the plan seeks to raise the income levels of farmers, improving their economic stability.
  • Storage Focus: Adequate storage facilities are essential to prevent post-harvest losses and ensure food security.
  • Processing Focus: Encouraging agro-processing industries to add value to agricultural products.
  • Expansion Focus: Expanding areas of cultivation, particularly in terms of seed production and irrigation.
  • Crop Diversification: Promoting the cultivation of a diverse range of crops to reduce risk and improve sustainability.
  • Improved Agriculture Marketing: Enhancing marketing channels for agricultural produce to connect farmers with consumers efficiently.

Pros and Achievements of Previous Roadmaps

Results from Last 3 Roadmaps

The previous Krishi Road Maps have yielded remarkable results:

  • Productivity Increase: Crop productivity has seen significant improvements, with key crops such as paddy, wheat, and maize nearly doubling their yields in the state.
    • Wheat Production:
      • 2008: 23.35 quintal/hectare
      • Now: 30.78 quintal/hectare
    • Maize Production:
      • 2008: 27.39 quintals/hectare
      • Now: 52.36 quintals/hectare
    • Rice Production:
      • Initial: 12.37 quintals/hectare
      • By 2022: 24.96 quintals/hectare
  • Other Production Increases: Beyond grains, milk, eggs, and meat production have also witnessed growth after the implementation of the Agricultural Road Maps.
  • Leadership in Specific Products: Bihar has excelled in producing specialty items like mushrooms, honey, makhana (fox nuts), and fish, solidifying its position as a leader in these sectors.

Who is Behind the Krishi Road Map?

Government of Bihar

The Krishi Road Map is an initiative of the Government of Bihar, demonstrating their commitment to the agricultural sector’s development.

Involved Departments

To ensure the successful execution of this comprehensive plan, 12 different government departments are actively participating, each contributing to various aspects of agricultural growth and development.

When Did the Journey Begin?


The journey of the Krishi Road Maps began in 2008 and has seen several milestones:

  • Starting Year: 2008
  • 1st Agriculture Road Map: Launched in 2008
  • 2nd Road Map: Launched in 2012
  • 3rd Road Map: Launched in 2017

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