Kilauea Volcano

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Kilauea has started erupting after 3 month pause.


  • It is an active shield volcano i.e. shield like volcanoes formed by cooling of highly fluid lava.
  • Name meaning: ‘much spreading’ in Hawaiian.
  • Features:
    • Elongated dome shaped structure
    • Presence of a caldera
    • Presence of a lava lake
    • Its slopes merge with that of adjacent volcano, Mauna Loa
    • Usually non-explosive eruption


  • It is considered as one of the most active volcanic masses in the world.


  • It is a product of the Hawaiian hotspot.


  • Within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, USA


  • Pele’s hair:
    • Glass particles formed by volcanic activity.
    • Forms when the cooling lava stretches into thin strands.
    • These strands are lightweight and get carried to places kilometres away from the source volcano.
    • Named after Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes- Pele.


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