Agumbe received lesser rainfall than Nadpal and Mudrali this monsoon


“Cherrapunji of the South”

  • Agumbe, often dubbed as the “Cherrapunji of the South,” is known for its extraordinary rainfall.


  • Located in the Shivamogga district of Karnataka.

Rainfall Stats

  • Agumbe receives an astonishing amount of rainfall, exceeding 8,000 mm during the monsoon season.


  • The Agumbe Rainforest Complex is a prominent natural feature in this region.


Historical Rainfall Records

  • The area has a long history of recording rainfall data, dating back to the British era with the installation of a rain gauge in 1882.

Rainfall’s Role

  • Agumbe’s heavy rainfall plays a vital role in sustaining multiple water bodies, nurturing rivers that originate from the Western Ghats.

Agumbe Rainforest Research Station Goals

  • The Agumbe Rainforest Research Station is dedicated to studying monsoons in the Agumbe Rainforest Complex.
  • It serves academic interests in biodiversity and investigates the impact of monsoons on the natural habitat of the King Cobra.

Comprising Regions

  • The Agumbe Rainforest Complex encompasses several regions, including the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Kudremukh National Park, Kodachadri & Mookambika hill ranges, and various reserve forests such as Kundapur, Shankaranarayana, Hosanagara, Sringeri, and Thirthahalli.
  • Research in these areas primarily focuses on understanding the influence of rain. copyright©

Bamboo Groves

  • The region is known for its thick and endemic bamboo groves, which are vital for the Western Ghats ecosystem.
  • These bamboo groves require high rainfall to reach the size needed to house King Cobra nests.

Decline in Bamboo Groves

  • Researchers at the Agumbe Rainforest Research Centre have noted a decline in bamboo groves due to insufficient rain.

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Karnataka Location

  • Agumbe is situated in the state of Karnataka.


IMD’s Prediction

  • The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted 95% of the usual rainfall for India during the monsoon season.
  • Specific predictions indicated that Western Ghats areas, including the Nilgiris and Sahyadris, were expected to receive more rain than usual.

Monsoon Delay

  • However, the monsoon was delayed, with a 22-day delay in August.
  • This delay resulted in drier conditions in the Western Ghats, affecting regions like Agumbe known for their heavy rainfall.


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