KALIA Scheme

KALIA Scheme mind map
Recent News
2nd phase from April 1st
In 2019
Launched on 16 Jan 2019
To accelerate agricultural prosperity
Reduce poverty in Odisha
Alternative to farm loan waivers
Financial Assistance
For Cultivators
Rs. 10,000 per family for cultivation
Over five seasons
Rs. 25,000 per farm family
To purchase inputs
Seeds, fertilizers, pesticides
Labour and other investments
For Landless Agricultural Households
Rs. 12,500 for allied activities
Goat rearing, duckery units, fishery kits
Mushroom cultivation, bee-keeping
Benefiting SC & ST population
For Vulnerable Agricultural Households
Rs. 10,000 per family per year
For sustenance
Life Insurance
Rs. 2.00 lakh cover
Premium of Rs. 330
Govt. bears Rs. 165
For 18-50 years age group
Personal accident cover
Rs. 2.00 lakh
Premium Rs. 12 per annum
Govt. bears Rs. 6
For 51-70 years
Govt. bears entire premium
Crop Loan
Up to Rs. 50,000
0% interest
Identified by Gram Panchayats
Landless laborers, cultivators
Share croppers, agricultural families
Odisha, India
Small and Marginal Farmers
1-2 hectares of agricultural land
Landless Agricultural Households
Vulnerable Agricultural Households
Landless Agricultural Laborers
Sharecroppers (Actual Cultivators)
Total Coverage
50 lakh families
By Odisha Government
Over three years until 2020-21
Total expenditure
Rs. 10,180 crores
Empowers farmers financially
Supports sustainable agricultural practices
Reduces dependency on farm loan waivers
Inclusive of marginalized communities
Not explicitly mentioned
Way Forward
Not explicitly mentioned

The KALIA (Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation) Scheme is an initiative by the Odisha Government, launched in January 2019. It aims to enhance agricultural prosperity and reduce poverty in Odisha. The scheme provides financial assistance to cultivators, landless agricultural households, and vulnerable agricultural households. Benefits include Rs. 10,000 per family for cultivation, Rs. 25,000 per farm family over five seasons for purchasing inputs, Rs. 12,500 for allied activities like goat rearing and fishery kits, especially benefiting the SC & ST population, and Rs. 10,000 per family per year for vulnerable agricultural households.

The scheme also includes a life insurance cover of Rs. 2 lakh and a personal accident cover of the same amount, with premiums partially or fully covered by the government. Additionally, it offers crop loans up to Rs. 50,000 at 0% interest. It’s designed to be inclusive, covering small and marginal farmers, landless agricultural laborers, and sharecroppers, with a total coverage of 50 lakh families.

The KALIA scheme represents a significant step towards empowering farmers, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and reducing dependency on farm loan waivers, with a focus on including marginalized communities in its benefits. The total expenditure over three years until 2020-21 is estimated at Rs. 10,180 crores. The scheme is seen as a viable alternative to farm loan waivers and aims to directly address the issues faced by farmers in Odisha.

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