Heliopolis Memorial in Egypt

Heliopolis Memorial in Egypt Mindmap
Memorial commemorates 3,727 Indian soldiers - WW1 campaigns in Egypt and Palestine
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Source: IE
About the Memorial
Original memorial - Port Tewfik at Suez Canal entrance, destroyed in 1967
New memorial erected in 1980 at Heliopolis Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery
Names of soldiers from various Indian regiments
Commemorates Risaldar Badlu Singh - posthumous Victoria Cross for bravery
Contributions of India in World War 1
Troop Deployment
Indian troops part of British Indian Army sent to various war theatres
Combat Operations
Major battles and campaigns participation
Medical Assistance
Critical support in field hospitals and medical units
Logistics and Supply
Road, railway, bridge, and infrastructure construction in war regions
Financial Support
Loans and contributions to British war fund
War Production
Indian industries mobilization for war materials manufacture
Sacrifices and Casualties
Over 1.3 million Indian soldiers served
Approximately 74,000 soldiers lost their lives, many others wounded or missing

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