DAKSHTA For Young Professionals

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DAKSHTA goes live on iGOT Karmayogi.


  • DAKSHTA stands for: Development of Attitude, Knowledge, Skill for Holistic Transformation in Administration.
  • It is a collection of courses for young professionals and consultants engaged in the government.


  • 18 courses are accessible on the iGOT Karmayogi Platform. (iGOT is Integrated Government Online Training)
    • Data-Driven Decision Making for Government (Wadhwani Foundation)
    • Code of Conduct for Govt Employees (ISTM)
    • Orientation Module on Mission LiFE (MoEFCC)
    • Office Procedure (ISTM)
    • Yoga Break at Workplace (MDNIY)
    • Effective Communication (IIM-B)
    • Basics of Public Policy Research (IIPA)
    • Advanced PowerPoint (Microsoft)
    • Stress Management (DoPT)
    • Noting & Drafting (ISTM)
    • Introduction to Emerging Technologies (Wadhwani Foundation)
    • Formulation of Public Policies (ISTM)
    • Personal & Organizational Values (DoPT)
    • Reform Initiatives of Govt of India (ISTM)
    • Public Procurement Framework for GoI (Dept of Expenditure)
    • Ways of Enhancing Presentation Skills (GSI)
    • Advanced Excel (Microsoft)
  • These courses are focused on building functional, domain and behavioural competencies by providing information on subjects necessary for discharging the professionals’ duties and responsibilities effectively.

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