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National Mineral Policy 2019: In-Depth Analysis

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Recently, the Union Cabinet approved the National Mineral Policy, 2019 (NMP 2019) which replaces the National Mineral Policy 2008 (NMP 2008).

2019 Policy was based on the report submitted in the Ministry of Mines by Dr. K Rajeswara Rao committee after reviewing NMP 2008.

This policy seeks to ensure effective regulation and sustainable development of the mining sector.

This article explains the following in an analytical manner with a mindmap for quick revision:

  1. What are the objectives of the policy?
  2. What are the key provisions?
  3. What are the significances of the policy?
  4. What are the challenges and the way forward?

Coral Ecosystem in India: Importance, Distribution, threats, Way Forward

Coral Reefs are one of the most dynamic ecosystems of India. The coral reefs not only provide sanctuary to a myriad of marine life but also play a key role in protecting the coastline from erosion. In recent times, due to global warming and other reasons, coral ecosystems worldwide have been under threat. The global environment protection efforts give high importance to the coral ecosystem and research to protect them. Recently one such research by the University of Queensland, Australia revealed that dead corals are as important as live corals as more life can be supported by dead coral remains than live corals.

Wetland Conservation – Importance, Threats and Way Forward

With the frequent addition of new names to the list of wetlands in India, the concern for wetlands is increasing simultaneously all over the world. Climate activists and climate organizations raise their voices from time immemorial to protect wetlands. Wetlands prove to be a playing a very important part in maintaining the ecological balance in the environment. They harbor several plant and animal species and help in their prevention from extinction. They are also useful for human beings as they prevent floods and serve as a great source for recycling organic waste. Given the importance of wetlands, it has become important for us to look into various issues involved in wetland conservation and suggest measures to protect them.

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