Alliance for Global Good – Gender Equity and Equality

Alliance for Global Good – Gender Equity and Equality mind map
Recent News
Launch at World Economic Forum
Annual Meeting Davos
15-19 January 2024
Response to G20 Summit 2023 Leaders' Declaration
Commitment to women-led development
Global best practices
Knowledge sharing
Investments in women's health, education, enterprise
Indian Context
Philosophy of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam"
"Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Prayas"
Women-led Development
Mastercard, Uber, Tata, TVS, Bayer, Godrej
Serum Institute of India, IMD Lausanne
Over 10,000 partners from industry
Supported By
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Housed and anchored by the CII Centre for Women Leadership
WEF as 'Network Partner'
Invest India as 'Institutional Partner'
Davos, Switzerland
Led by Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani
Union Minister of Women & Child Development
Mastercard, Uber, Tata, other industry leaders
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
World Economic Forum, Invest India
Aligning with WEF theme 'Rebuilding Trust'
Promoting global cooperation
Enhances global gender equity and equality
Aims to achieve multiple SDGs
Empowers women globally
Implementation across diverse global contexts
Way Forward
Strengthening international partnerships
Continuous monitoring and adaptation of strategies

The Alliance for Global Good – Gender Equity and Equality, launched at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2024, signifies a major international effort led by India to promote gender equity and equality globally. This initiative, inspired by India’s commitment to women-led development and the G20 Summit 2023 Leaders’ Declaration, seeks to amalgamate global best practices, knowledge sharing, and investments in critical areas such as women’s health, education, and enterprise. With the support of industry giants like Mastercard, Uber, Tata, and others, as well as backing from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the alliance is poised to make significant strides towards achieving various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The alliance emphasizes India’s guiding philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (One Earth, One Family, One Future) and aims to foster global cooperation and trust​​​​​​​​.

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