Zero FIR

Zero FIR
    Zero FIRs filed in Manipur
      First information report (FIR)
      Report filed by a police
      For an offence in another station's jurisdiction
      Not defined in laws
        Indian Penal Code (IPC)
        Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), 1973
      Defined in police regulations
      Information recorded under Section 154 of CrPC
        Every information related to cognizable offence
        Reduced to writing by officer or under officer's direction
        Read over to the informant
        Signed by the person giving it
        Entered in a book by officer in prescribed form
    Important elements
      Relates to cognizable offence
      Given orally or in writing to station head
      Written and signed by informant
      Key points recorded in daily diary
    Prevent victim from running pillar to post
    Ensure speedy redressal to the victim
    Police station registers FIR
    Transfers the case for further investigation
    Regular FIR number isn't given
    Relevant station registers a fresh FIR after receiving zero FIR
    Provision recommendation
      Justice Verma Committee
    Justice Verma Committee
      Formed after 2012 Delhi rape case
      To suggest amendments to Criminal Law
      Enable faster trial and enhanced punishment
        For criminals accused of sexual assault against women

Zero FIR has been filed in Manipur.

What is a Zero FIR?

  • A Zero FIR is a First Information Report (FIR) filed by the police for an offense that falls under another police station’s jurisdiction.
  • The term “Zero FIR” is not explicitly defined in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) or the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) of 1973 but is governed by police regulations.
  • It is recorded under Section 154 of CrPC, and it includes all information related to a cognizable offense.

Important Elements of Zero FIR

  • Relates to a cognizable offense, which allows for immediate arrest without a warrant.
  • Can be given orally or in writing to the police station head.
  • Must be written and signed by the informant.
  • Key points are recorded in the daily diary of the police station.

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Why Zero FIR is Necessary

  • Prevents victims from running from one police station to another to file the FIR for the same offense.
  • Ensures speedy redressal to the victim by initiating the investigation immediately.

How Zero FIR Works

  • The victim can approach any police station to file the Zero FIR, regardless of the jurisdiction.
  • The police station that receives the Zero FIR registers it and begins the initial investigation. copyright©
  • The case is then transferred to the relevant police station where the offense took place.
  • The receiving station registers a fresh FIR with a regular FIR number after receiving the Zero FIR.

Who Advocated for Zero FIR?

  • The provision for Zero FIR was recommended by the Justice Verma Committee, which was formed after the 2012 Delhi rape case.
  • The Justice Verma Committee aimed to suggest amendments to Criminal Law to enable faster trial and enhanced punishment for criminals accused of sexual assault against women.


Zero FIRs play a crucial role in the Indian criminal justice system, ensuring prompt action and redressal to victims of cognizable offenses. By allowing FIRs to be filed in any police station, the Zero FIR provision prevents unnecessary delays and ensures a more efficient investigation and resolution of criminal cases.

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